Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Married with Children! Check me out, what a HOTTIE!


Kevin's Celebrity Look Alikes


St. George / Vegas Getaway

So the whole weekend wasn't all that bad, here are some highlights.
On Saturday we took Tanner and Isaac out for a fun filled day of mini golf and go-karts at the Fiesta Fun Center.

Kevin and I went and spent a night at the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas. We just walked around and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and of course we spent a little time on some 2 cent slot machines. (Yeah Yeah, not the best thing to do, but obviously 2 cents I am not doing it to try to win big, purely entertainment). Here is a picture of at the Conservatory at the Bellagio.

The Worst Day Ever

Okay probably not ever, but it was certainly up there. We decided to go to St. George for the weekend and then leave the kids with the in-laws for a night, while we went to Vegas for our 8th wedding anniversary. For the most part Vegas was fun, but more on that later. We left St. George Monday at 1:00pm. We quickly learned that we had forgotten our bottles and formula. Luckily I had a little formula (enough for 1 bottle) in the diaper bag, so we pulled over and bought a bottle and off we went. We drove for about 30 minutes and then the real torture began. It started snowing about 15 miles from Cedar City and it took us 1 hour to drive those 15 miles. Talk about fun. We decided to get off at Cedar City to wait out the storm and then decided to not stop and try to get ahead of the storm. It took us 1 hour to drive through Cedar City to get back on the freeway. Anyway to make a long story short a drive that normally takes 3 1/2 hours took us 7. So I thought we would be home long before we needed another bottle, we were not (and apparently they do not sell formula at gas stations) and Noah cried the last hour of the trip. If that was all that was bad no biggie I can handle that. While we were driving my neighbor called to say that during the snow storm our back door had blown open and snow poured in onto our wood floors. Those floors will never be the same again. :( And to top it all off, my mother-in-law called to tell me President Hinckley had passed away. He lived 97 good years, so although it is sad, it is not a horrible thing. And that was one of my worst days ever. Happy Anniversary to me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No White Ink

Today I sat down and tried to make Noah's birthday party announcements. I had a vision of what I wanted. We are doing the rubber ducky theme and I wanted the invitations to be on a dark blue paper with a white bath tub, yellow duck, and light blue bubbles. Those things, I believe are still possible. However, I went to print out the party info on the computer and apparently computers do not print white ink. I never would have guessed that. So now I don't know what to do about the invite. Do Kinkos or Staples print white ink???? We shall see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Star Student

Today I got to go to Tanner's kindergarten class because he was the Star Student. We had to make a poster with information about him. So this is a little bit about Tanner. Favorite colors: "red, orange, and golden." Favorite movie: "Talking Cars," Favorite food: "pizza", Favorite treat: "Ring Pops," Least Favorite food, "potatoes and pickles," Least favorite activity: "cleaning my room." Tanner is really good at reading, writing, taking care of Noah, and cleaning the house. He likes to play outside either in the snow or riding bikes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My First Post

This whole blog thing is totally new to me. Every time I talk to my sister, she asks "Have you started a blog?" Well here I go Andrea, thanks for the inspiration. My purpose for blogging is mostly for myself (sort of a journal) and for keeping family and friends who are far away informed of what is going on in our life here in Utah. So I hope you enjoy, at the very least, I hope you are not bored to death reading it. Happy Martin Luther King Day!