Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bringing Home Baby

Well we have been home for a few days now and are trying to get back some sort of normal life. Here are a few things that have been going on.
On Friday we got to bring Sydney home:

That night we gave her her first bath at home, lets just say, she didn't love that.

That night was tough, not much sleep. last night was much better. Kevin and I are trying to figure out how to work our sleep around the babies, hopefully with each night it continues to get better. We shall see.
When we left the hospital on Friday, she was looking a bit jaundice, so I had to take her today to get tested again. Lucky for us, she was just fine. Here she is today, on day 5 of her little life. Isn't she cute.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Baby Sydney

So yesterday we started the day by leaving for the hospital at 5:30 am.

Here I am on delivery day.
We got to the hospital at 6am. I got changed into the lovely gown, they hooked up monitors and asked about 1,000 questions. At 7 am, they started my IV (and in true Audrey fashion, I got nauseas-but I kept it under control) and pitocin.

Here I am all ready to go, yes, notice the EMPTY puck bucket next to me.
At 7:30 my doctor showed up to break my water. By 8:30 I had my epidural in and working-I never really felt major contractions (having gone a long time the other 3 times, I would definitly say this was the way to go). At about 9:30 I started to feel some pain and pressure. They checked me I was 6cm. I got a second dose of epidural and after a few minutes was no longer feeling any pain, but I was still feeling pressure, so I had them check me again at 10am and sure enough there was baby. So they called the doctor and gave me the no laughing, sneezzing, coughing lecture. Doctor arrived at 10:30am, after 5 very short minutes, baby was here and screaming.
Here is Sydney Jo Jacobson at 10:35 am, in her first seconds of life.
She weighed 9 lbs 3 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.
Look at this not so petite little girl.
They got her all cleaned up.
Here she is during her bath and after with a pretty pink bow.
After school her brothers came by to visit.
These boys sure do love their little sister.
Here is mom with all her beautiful kiddos.

The boys were perfectly behaved at the hospital. Thanks to Space Chimps, suckers, and coloring books.

Here is Daddy with his little princess.

Here is one more picture of our beautiful baby Sydney.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Baby's Room

I have had several people request some pictures of the baby's room. So here goes:

I found this bedding on ebay and it was dirt cheap. I really liked it online but then when I got it some of the pinks were a bit to bright for me, but once we got the room together I think it works. We really didn't want to repaint the bead board, so we had to find some bedding that had some tan/brown in it. I think it looks cute and girly.

And for those who haven't heard, I think this is the name we have decided on. Thanks to everyone for voting (136 votes, that's amazing, I had no idea that many people look at my blog). In all honesty it came down to me not liking any nicknames for Savannah. If I really thought I was not so lazy and would actually call her by her full name all the time, we would have went with Savannah, but Sydney is cute and it is a name I have loved for many years. Now it is not set in stone, we will know for sure tommorrow. We report to the hospital at 6am. Hopefully all goes well, we'll keep you informed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We have a Date

I went to the doctor today and we set a date to be induced. March 25th, just a week and a day a way. Yeah.
Now I just have to get the kids healthy. Apparently one of Noah's friends just got diagnosed with Rotavirus, so that is probably what he has. As long as we can keep him hydrated, we are probably on our way to getting better. Here's hoping for a healthy week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Sick, What to Do

So last Thursday after dinner Tanner said "my tummy hurts". Sure it does, now go get in the shower. That night he wakes us up saying he is sick and he wants a bucket by his bed. Okay, maybe he is sick. Friday he stayed home from school and laid around all day and didn't eat much. Saturday he woke up, ate breakfast, cleaned, played, etc. By Saturday evening he was laying all over the floor, low energy. Sunday we just laid around and watched tv all day, didn't eat much. Monday he stayed home from school again but was acting pretty normal in the morning and early afternoon, then he crashed again. While I was at the hospital that day, my hubby took him to the doctor. They said it was just viral (sometimes kids get the stomach flu and never throw up). Yeah, that night he finally threw up and literally 5 minutes later he was playing and feeling great. Tuesday he went to school, everything normal that day. Wednesday he slept in till we had to wake him to get ready for school. He said he was sick after eating a little breakfast, but 30 minutes later he was playing so I made him go to school (I know I'm mean), but he was just fine all day. This morning we had to wake him again, he didn't eat much, but was acting fine, so we sent him to school. The school had to call me to come pick him up because he couldn't keep his head off his desk. When I got him he was miserable and has been laying down since. This is so not like any other sickness we have ever had, it makes me worried that it is something more then just a stomach virus. And if it is viral are we all going to get this. Not what I want to be dealing with. I really do wish a 6 year old could describe exactly what he was feeling, so I could know more. Anyhow....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So, apparently I should not be standing on stools when I am 9 months pregnant. Yesterday I decided to try and get something out of the cabinet up high in the kitchen. Like I said, not a good idea when you are as big as a house. Well, I scrapped up my shin which probably somewhat broke my fall. However as a precaution my doc wanted me to go to the hospital to get checked out. Four hours later I got to go home. I kept having minor contractions for the rest of the day and night, but they have slowed down. Today I had a doctors appointment and everything is a-okay. He did say if I do go into labor, no biggie, I am considered full term. Only 19 days to go. Horray.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Baby Shower

Yesterday my friend Amara (with the help of many others) threw me a babyshower. This is my first and probably only girl, so I wanted a real PINK shower and she did not disappoint. There was pink food, pink candy, pink table cloths, pink balloons, pink plates, etc.
I need to thank Amara for all she did. She caters and so of course the food was good. She made a variety of tea sandwiches and a yummy cheese dip. I need need to get the recipes. So delicious. Here are some pictures of some of the food.
Karen made the yummy fruit bouquet and the cute little chocolate carriages. Becky made the pasta salad and these cute little party favors.
Lorraine made her famous (I think its famous, it is that darn yummy) frappe. It was pink and fluffy and looked so girly, I loved it. Kris made this cute cute cake. I don't know how to do fondant, so she always impresses me with her talents. Not only was it cute, it also tasted very good. I also need to give a big thank you to my friend Kelli who made and passed out all the invites. You did a great job they were lovely. So yes thanks again to everyone who helped, it made me feel really loved.
Also thanks to everyone who came and gave me all the pink stuff. I have many talented who friends who not only know how to pick out the cutest stuff out there but many who also have talents to make things (blankets, burp clothes, etc.). I love homeade things, mostly because I can't do it myself. But me and my baby will appreciate all their talents.