Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Truth Hurts

When I started blogging, I thought I would use this blog as a journal, but really when it comes down to it, writing my personal thoughts was something I didn't really want the world (or all 2 people who read this) to see. I only write about the "good" things so everyone out there thinks that I really have it all together, well I don't. So tonight I am going to break from my usual type of blog entry, so here goes my thoughts.
Tonight as I was getting ready for bed my hubby says to me, "Noah switched up his prayer tonight." (He typically says the same thing every night.) "He said his usual but at the end he said,'Please bless mommy to not be mean."
Where to start, first maybe Kevin that would have been better to have kept to yourself (not really, like I said the truth hurts). After crying for an hour I decided to come blog for a few reason. 1) I need some advice and 2) I want to be better, so maybe if I put it out for the world to see, it will give me some accountability.
Often times my kids will say to me, "You are so mean, I want to live with so-and-sos family!" Now how much of that is kids being kids and how much of that is actually that I'm really MEAN. I really don't know the answer to that.
I feel like I do a lot for my kids. They are the center of my world. I certainly don't feel like a slacker mom, but I yell, apparently a lot more then I should.
Every morning and after school we have a specific routine that we go through...breakfast, dressed, piano, homework, etc. And every day i have to nag nag nag my kids to get it done and when it doesn't happen, I yell yell yell. Do you have some system that works for you, seriously I need some help.
Is it possible that I put to much pressure on my kids? Am I too strict with piano schedules and just routines in general. I feel like the things that I do (which often make me mean) are good things. No tv/video games except on Saturdays, practice piano everyday for 30 minutes, read do your homework, etc.
That is only part of it though...sometimes if I put to much on myself then my stress will cause me to be more demanding with them. This is a BIG part of why I am "retiring" from catering. My kids are the ones that suffer. I have a demanding calling at church (which I love) and I self inflict a lot of other unnecessary stresses. Are the YW really going to suffer if they don't get a cute handout every lesson-NO, are my kids going to care if I make them a birthday cake or buy one from Wal-Mart-NO. (Please note, just because I am saying this out loud doesn't mean I am going to stop doing these things.)
Recently Elder Uchtdorf gave a talk entitled "Love is really spelled T-I-M-E" and I think that is the key for me. Instead of sitting on the computer researching how to the throw the best Snow White party for Sydney's 2nd birthday, maybe just maybe I need to sit and help Noah do a puzzle or jump and the tramp with the boys, or push Sydney in the swing. I'm not saying that I never do these things, but maybe I just need to do it more often.
This is the career I chose. To be a mom to these kids. I need to be better, do more, yell less. I really don't want to fail at this job. It is too important, so tommorrow (and everyday after) I am going to try. If you have any thoughts, tips, etc. that might help, please please let me know. I'm serious, it is important to me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes I still cater...for now

I catered a party back in January and never posted about it, but since I will be "retiring" from catering at the end of April, I thought I should post some pictures. I did this job with my friend Amara, we split it half and half. That was kinda nice, only half the work and half the stress.
Here is what we served:

Pork Medallions with Apple-Cranberry sauce (probably could have described that better if I had made it).

Tuscan rolled chicken with feta, basil, and sundried tomatos.

Roasted Potatoes

Balsamic grilled vegetables

Butterflake rolls and salad with strawberries, cashews, onion, fried wontons with a strawberry vinegrette dressing.

3 Layer Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
I don't typically make desserts myself (I buy them from people who specialize in that sort of thing), but this time since this event was for only 60 people I thought I could handle it. I made the cheesecake and Amara the chocolate cake, both were very delicious. It was a little warm in the kitchen so our whipped cream flopped a bit.
I unfortunatly didn't get a picture of any of the center pieces we made, which kinda stinks because they were lovely and I spent hours spraying curly willow branches.
Anyway...the reason I am retiring is that I have other things (4 kids, husband, church calling, etc.) that are presently ranking higher on my priority list. Maybe when the kids are older, maybe not. I am catering my mission reunion at the beginning of April and a wedding at the end and that will hopefully be it for awhile.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


On Friday we had Noah's Birthday Party. We decided on a SUPERHERO theme (by we, I mean I gave him a few suggestions and he got to pick which one he wanted). I really was trying to stay away from any specific Superhero, so coming up with a cake was tricky. I think it turned out cute, but it was a lot more then I wanted to do. Plus it was crooked...that is why I took the picture at that angle. I think the goody bags turned out cute, simple. Inside were some superhero gliders, figures and stickers all purchased from Oriental Trading. The capes, this is the whole reason I wanted to do this party...I saw a picture of a bunch of bright colored superhero capes and I wanted that. So they were super easy to make and only slightly time consuming. I kind of lost my excitement with the decorations, just some crepe paper and balloons in yellow, red and blue.

For the games we started with a game called Saving Superman. I had my older son Tanner lay on the ground with a Superman cape on. I told the kids that Superman needed our help. There was kryptonite (rocks painted green) everywhere and we need to pick it all up and put it in a lead pouch (made out of construction paper-very fancy). The kids ran through the house and picked up all the rocks.
The next game we headed to the basement for the Bat Cave. I put dark colored blankets over our pool table and hung some construction paper bats. I purchased some bat rings from OT and painted them 6 different colors. The kids would take a flash light into the cave and grab a green and red ring (or whatever colors I said).
We headed back upstairs for some Bean Bag Wham (I know my game names need some help). This was just a simple bean bag toss game. My 8 year old son needed to make a bean bag to pass off some cub scout requirements, so I put him to work. This game cost nothing to do and it was a huge hit with the kiddos.
Next we went outside for some Villian Blaster. I got silly a can of silly string (renamed and labeled Super String) from the Dollar Store for each kid. I also had 6 helium ballons with pictures of "villians" on them. The kids used the string to blast the villians. They all had fun but many of the 3-4 year olds struggled to push the sprayer.
We ended our games with the pinata.