Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me....almost!

A few months ago a friend of mine decided to put together 40 humanitarian infant kits to celebrate her 40th birthday. I liked the idea so much that I decided to copy her (sort of). I say sort of because...well, 1)I'm not 40, and 2) I have decided to put together hygiene kits instead.

A few years ago I heard this story of a young girl named Mariama Kallon who recieved a hygiene kit that saved her and several other women. Please take the time to read her story it is truely touching. The first time I heard it it brought me to tears.

Well last weekend, I attended Time Out for Women in SLC and Mariama was there to tell her story. I felt such a bond with her because I had heard her story a few years back and we also served in the same mission for the LDS church (although not at the same time). She still carries around her little hygiene kit as a reminder to her of how blessed she was to recieve it in her time of need.

So celebrate my 35th Birthday, I am going to put together 35 Humanitarian Hygiene Kits, these kits are handed out to those in need throughout the world.
So instead of gifts this year, I am asking for my friends and family to donate some of the supplies that I will need to put these together.

What I will need is:

35- 1 gallon zip lock bags
70- Unbreakable combs (no sharp handles)
140- Toothbrushes (packaged)
35- Tubes of Toothpaste (6-8 oz.)
70- Bars of soap (4-5 oz.)
70- Hand towels (new towels, approximately 15'' by 25''. Please do not use dishtowels or washclothes)

So if you were planning on getting me a present (or even if you were not and you want to support a good cause), that was my list.

I decided Thanksgiving Day would be a great day to type up this blog post. As I sit and reflect on all the things I have to be thankful for...I am so incredibly blessed. I hope that in some small way I (with your help) can help others like Mariama.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and Happy early Birthday to me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's All About Isaac

Today Isaac turned 7, so why not a little post about him.

As a preschooler, Isaac was TROUBLE! I was worried for him and his teachers when he started school last year...but for no reason. I think school was the best thing for him. His little personality has changed so much. He is now the kid that wants to make everyone happy, he's a peacemaker (for the most part), he's funny, he's smart. He plays the piano, he loves to read, he loves to be outside and active, and he makes the silliest faces. For all those reasons and so many more, WE LOVE ISAAC-Happy Birthday!