Sunday, February 21, 2010

Noah's Monster Party

Today my little Noah turned 3. Yesterday we celebrated with his first friend party. A few months ago (when it was time to start planning) I gave Noah a few choices for party ideas and he chose Monsters. After Halloween target had some fun Monster stuff in clearance, so we stocked up for goodie bags, then of course we put in an order with oriental trading.
Because Noah is only 3 and his friends were either 2 or 3 we kept it pretty simple. When everyone got there they got a Monster hat (which I ordered from Oriental Trading) then they sat down and colored Monster pictures that I printed off online with monster crayons from Target.

After they finished coloring, we headed to the basement to play Find the Colored Monster. I had bought these bendable Monsters (from OT), they came in 6 different colors, we scattered them all throughout the I held up a piece of construction paper and said go find an orange monster, go find a green monster, etc.

Here is Noah with his purple monster.

Tanner and Isaac were great helpers, throughout the party.
After that we had a monster pinata. We let all the little kids have a turn at hitting it and then left it for Tanner and Isaac to finish it off.

Next we had cake and ice scream. Noah was so cute when we sang happy birthday. He just sang along very excitedly. For his cake I baked 3-9inch round cakes and 1-2 quart pyrex bowl cake staked them and then decorated with fondant. I am not very good with fondant, so there were cracks and wrinkles all over....but from afar it was so cute and Noah loved it.

We then opened presents and then quickly we had a small parachute and popped monster balls on that. The parachute was rather small, but for the few minutes we did it, most of the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

Since we only did the party for an hour, the party ended and all the kids left with their monster bags (Target) which were filled with all sorts of monster stuff, including the monsters from the color game and candy from the pinata. For a party with 7 little 3-year-olds running around, things went really well. Of course I couldn't have done it with out so many helpers, so Thanks everyone who stayed to help.