Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bear World

On our way to Yellowstone we stopped at Bear World (just outside of Rexburg, ID). We had never done this before, but it came highly recommended from friends, and it did not disappoint. It was a drive through wilderness where we saw dear, elk, mousse, bison, and of course bears. My kids were bummed because no bears came and put their paws on our car, but the bears were really very close. I didn't get any good pictures because we had to keep our windows close and apparently our windows were not very clean.
There was more to Bear Worl then just the drive through experience. They also had a petting zoo with deer, ducks, pigs, goats, etc.
This deer is only 2 days old.

Tanner walking amongst the ducks.

Noah chillin with a deer.

Sydney playing with the goats.

They also had 5 small rides for the kids to enjoy.
Sydney just loved the rides. She laughed so hard on them. It makes me very excited for Disneyland in November.

My very own bear cub.

Another bigger cub.

Anywhoo, if you are going to Yellowstone and you have young kids, I highly recommend Bear World. Good times were had by all the kids.

Messy Night

Every Monday night Thanksgiving Point Gardens does a theme night of activities for kids. We decided Messy Night would be the perfect time to go. My friend Sarah Jane was in town so her and her family met us there for the fun.
Here is Tanner in the process of throwing some perfectly good jello

The three boys after the jello fight.

The Jello fight was definetly the highlight of the night for my kids, but other fun things went on as well, such as: eating popsicles from a string, paper mache, finger painting, quick sand, etc.

Here is Tanner having himself a popcicle.

Isaac showing of one of his messy silly faces.

Isaac playing in the quicksand

Sarah Jane and Me

Anyway I highly recommend the Thanksgiving Point Garden Monday night thing. If anyone wants to go, let us know, we can get you in for half off.


So recently Sydney and I took a quick trip to Pennsylvania. We typically try to go every year as a fam, but because of pricey airline tickets, just the 2 of us got to go. My main purpose of going was to run a 5K with my sisters. (okay I just used it as an excuse)

Here we are: My nephews Tyler and Jared, my sis Andrea, my sis-in-laws Carrie and Anastasia, and me.
The race we ran was part of a running club, lets just say...we didn't win. I had been "training" to run this and when it came down to the actual race, I felt like I had to pee the entire time so it was hard to pick up the pace. Thanks to my sis and law Carrie who ran with me the entire time and kept encouraging me to keep going.
Blue Marsh
all the mommas of the family (except Tara-we missed you) took the kids to the lake. Since I am so super awesome, I didn't get very many pictures. O-well, whats done is done. I'm just mad at myself, because I don't see my fam very often, it would be nice to have pictures of when I actually do.
I took Sydney a little while to get used to the water.
Look at my cute nephew Boston

And my lovely sis Andrea (she is going to love that I post this pic)
That night we took the kids to a little carnival in town.
Sydney and her cousin Anna cruisin around town

Sydney loved the rides.
Poor Anna had to deal with crying Sydney...apparently way past her bedtime.

Sorry that is all I have to show for the trip. We did a lot of other fun stuff like eating, hanging out and going to the Camden Aquarium.