Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So yesterday was SYTYCD tour show, and I have to say it was better then I expected. The show in total was almost 3 hours long. There was one point about half way through, they did a big group number (Baliwood) and I thought the show was over. At that point I was a little dissapointed because my 2 favorite routines had not been performed, little did I know we were only half way through. I was expecting the show to pretty much be like the season finale, but they did so many more routines. Some routines that I did not particularly enjoy on tv were a lot more powerful when seen in person. The routine which got the biggest applause was Chelsea and Mark's Bleeding Love (not sure if that was because she was a local girl or if it is an overall favorite, probably a combination). Anyway so fun, thanks Zoe for getting me a ticket.

My camera died before half way through the show, so no pictures of the big favorites. It's okay though, although we had pretty good seats, it was still hard to get a good picture, but here is one of the whole group.

Chocolate Oreo Truffles

These are a yummy treat. I have several friends who make them so I knew that they were good, but I decided to give them a try myself. I do need to work on making the chocolate a little prettier, but overall they were good. I also thought I had the little foil candy cups for presentation purposes, but I did not. O-well. Here is the recipe in case you to would like to try them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yesterday was a Good Day

I know it's lame, but yesterday I was totally excited that tv was starting for the season. I have been in total tv withdrawl. It brought me much joy to see the DVR red lights on (meaning that more then one show was recording). My life is sad but it was a good day. Tonight (speaking of my tv addiction) I go to So You Think You Can Dance tour show. Excited for that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 Things About Me

So this is my 100th post. What do I do for this special occasion? I copied my sisters idea (and probably others), of telling you 100 things you may or may not know about me. Yes, this could get very boring. I will not be offended if you don't make it to the end of the list, however if you do... 1- I was born in Cali.
2- I grew up in Michigan, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
3- My high school mascot was a RAM.
4- I went to college in Idaho and Utah.
5- My favorite color is green.
6- My favorite food is steak.
7- I love to read books, but I wished they had a rating system so I could avoid the smutty ones. 8- TV is my favorite hobby.
9- I want the country to be run by good leaders but I don't like politics.
10- I am easily annoyed, especially if you are chewing ice anywhere near me.
11- I don't like to clean and if we ever make enough money, that is the first thing I will pay someone else to do.
12- When I was in 9th grade I used to cheat on my Spanish tests.
13- I hate dieting. I have to be pretty chubby to ever motivate me to do it.
14- I like to exercise, but I am to lazy to stay in the habit of doing it.
15- I really like camping, but I wouldn't consider it a vacation.
16- I never got my Young Womens medallion.
17- My brothers and their friends gave me the nickname "crackhead". No I was not a crack head.
18- You will never catch my kids wearing shoes with characters on them.
19- Getting enough sleep is very important to me.
20- I like pretty flowers in the yard, but I really dislike weeding.
21- My parents divorced when I was 5.
22- I really like the smell of coffee.
23- I was a horrible student until I got married, then I graduated college with honors.
24- I catch my self singing the song from Wonder Pets, a lot.
25- When I was in high school and college I listen to alternative music.
26- When I got married I went country.
27- Now because of Rock Band and So You Think You Can Dance, I don't like country.
28- Delphiniums are my favorite flowers.
29- I subscribe to US Weekly and I am proud of it.
30- I like to make desserts, but my husband won't eat them.
31- I don't purposely name my kids biblical names. It just happened a few times.
32- I served a mission for my church on Temple Square
33- I was married in the Salt Lake Temple.
34- I married a younger man.
35- As a baby and young child, my hair was very orange.
36- I cry a lot.
37- If a movie makes me cry, I consider it a good movie.
38- I really want to spoil my kids, and it takes a lot of effort to not. I want them to have everything I did not have.
39- When I was little I used to say I wanted to work at McDonalds when I grow up.
40- My first real job was at McDonalds. I worked there for 1 1/2 years and I loved it.
41- Most of the jobs I have ever had were in food service (fast food twice, waiting tables twice, catering twice, hospital food).
42- Clutter causes me to have anxiety.
43- Whoppers and Milk Duds are my favorite candy. YUM.
44- I HATE watermelon. When I cater I always pay someone to cut it for me, can't stand it.
45- My favorite all time movies are Pride & Prejudice, Savannah Smiles, and Some Kind of Wonderful
46- We are Disney junkies, season passholders.
47- I wish I could sing, I enjoy it, but you certainly would not.
48- I am afraid of heights.
49- My biggest fear is one of my kids drowning and I have nightmares about it often.
50- I have an associates degree in Criminal Justice.
51- I have a bachelors degree in Business Management.
52- My favorite hymn is Redeemer of Israel.
53- I played basketball in high school.
54- I really like reading books that are historical fiction and then researching to find out what of it was true and what was not.
55- I (with 11 friends) won second place at a lip sync contest at college. We performed A Girl for All Seasons from Grease 2.
56- I lied to my husband and said I like the Beastie Boys when we were dating. I later broke the news to him once we were married.
57- I am a competitive person. I only play games to win.
58- I eat with my elbows on the table.
59- I don't like to wear high heals, I always feel ackward.
60- The first concert I ever went to was George Michael.
61- While I was on my mission, I liked to call everyone by their first name. I know what a rebel. 62- If you ever want to see a super cool routine to Cold Hearted Snake, let me know.
63- Rock Band is the best video game ever invented.
64- I am starting to get wrinkles and that doesn't make me happy.
65- I did not learn how to play Solitare till I was 30.
66- My kids middle names have always been named after some family member.
67- My first car I owned was Red Cav. It was so dependable, one day the door even fell off.
68- I am a mini van mom and I am not ashamed of that.
69- I don't wear earrings, they make my ears itch.
70- I love halloween, it is very fun to pick costumes out for the kids.
71- I have never been out of the country. Other then Niagra Falls and a cruise to Mexico.
72- My family had 5 missionaries out at once. (Paris, Argentina, Ukraine, Pheonix, and SLC).
73- Crying kids is not my favorie thing. Especially when they cry for no reason.
74- If I ever have another boy, I have no idea what his name will be. I have a hard time coming up with boy names.
75- I have a birth mark on my ankle.
76- My middle name is Jennifer.
77- I don't like thinking of 100 things about me.
78- Someday I would like to go to Europe (especially Germany where Kev served his mission). 79- I really really do not like to be late, so much so that most of the time I arive early.
80- Kevin, Tanner, Isaac and Noah are my favorite people ever.
81- I used to be a Soap Opera Addict, I am now 2+ years off the soaps.
82- I grew up with a brady bunch family. 4His 3Hers. There were 7 of us within 5 years.
83- I love green olives. Some days I sit on the couch with a whole cup of them and eat them like candy.
84- Target is one of my very favorite stores.
85- I really like to read Doctor Suess books.
86- I have been to Hawaii twice.
87- In Hawaii I love to snorkle, but if the fish get to close to me I panic.
88- I know every word to the Coppa Cabana by Barry Manilow.
89- I would love to be on the Amazing Race sometime.
90- My favorite vegetable is brocolli. Until I was a senior in high school, I hated it.
91- My least favorite veggie is brussell sprouts. Actually I have never tried them, they just don't look like they could taste good.
92- Some day when my kids are a bit older, I would love to own a reception center.
93- Friends and Alias were (are) some of my all time favorite shows.
94- In high school all my friends were major partiers, but never once did I try alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Yeah I know I'm good. I was always the designated driver. Lucky me.
95- Apparently I really like candy corn and can down almost a whole bag in one sitting. I say apparently because I just did this and yes I have a tummy ache as a result.
96- I am pregnant with my 4th (and probably final) baby. We are really hoping for a girl, but expecting a boy.
97- I waited like forever (for me-8 weeks, normally I am telling everyone the second I pee on the stick) to tell anyone that I was pregnant (except of course my hubby). Even then I only told my family because I was in PA by myself with 3 kids and sick. It was kind of fun keeping it secret for awhile.
98- Our baby is due at the end of March (the 29th to be exact).
99- There is no way that I would ever wait till the baby is born to find out the sex. No way, I am to much of a planner, I need everything set up and ready to go.
100- Horray I am done, that is not an easy thing to come up with that many things about myself. Thank you for making it to the end of the list.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Busy Weekend

On Friday night our stake had what they called a Harvest Fair and my friend Kelly and I were in charge of a little craft corner for the kids. We had 5 different crafts going on and all the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. There were several hundred kids that came to enjoy the fun. We did foam leaf placemats (from Oriental Trading), cupcake decorating, popcorn turkeys (which kind of looked like spooky hands, either way the kids thought they were great), foam bead necklaces, and tatoos. Here are some pictures from the night.

So on Saturday I helped my friend with a catering job. (My friend that lives down the road also caters, so we help each other out. It is actually kind of nice helping because I still make a little extra money but I don't have all the stress of doing it myself.) That kept me busy all of Saturday (and part of Friday as well). It was a formal dinner. We served chicken with italian sausage and peppers, potatoes, roasted balsamic vegetables, salad, assorted bread with dipping oil, and spanish olives. I actually remembered my camera and had time to take so photos. So here are just a few pictures from that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Soccer Tanner

So Tanner had his first soccer game last night. Although he is not quite the star of the team, he has shown a lot of improvement since last year. He is still a bit timid, but he is getting into it a little bit more. Way to go Tanner. So now our month of September is pretty much filled with soccer. They have games twice a week and with 2 of them playing on different teams we will spend just about every Tuesday, Wednesdayand Thursday evening watching soccer games. Yeah.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Isaac's Day of Firsts

Yesterday was Isaac 1st day of preschool for the year. He is going to a music based preschool and he is very excited about that. He seemed to have a good time and he has a few buddies in his class. After school I took him out to lunch to IHOP (his favorite place to eat). He felt pretty special.

Yesterday was also Isaac's very 1st soccer game. It is fun to watch a bunch of 4 year olds playing soccer. The ball went out of bounds A LOT and there was alot of using hands, but still it was cute. It seems that non of our kids have been born with lots of athletic abilities, but Isaac gets into the game a bit more then Tanner. He was always there with the ball. Tanner is a bit more timid and afraid of getting hurt. Isaac smashed heads with a kid and got stepped on with a soccer cleat and he was right back out there playing again. Tanner's first game is tonight, so we shall see how he does now that he is 6. More to come on that later.