Monday, September 21, 2009

Temple Square

After church yesterday we decided to drive up to Temple Square. We don't go there very often but decided it was a perfect afternoon for it. I served my mission there so it is always fun to go back and see it, although both visitors centers are completly different. It is crazy to think how long it has been since my mission. I think I've been home for about 11 years. Wow. I am getting old.

Trying to catch up

So since it is alot easier to post things on facebook, I have kind of been neglecting my blog. But today I thought about my reason for blogging being that it is somewhat of a journal for me, so I have decided I need to try to be better about it.
Ward Campout
About a month ago we had our Ward Campout and since it will probably be the only campout for the summer I feel like I should post some pictures. I am (or was) in charge of it so in all honesty it was more of a stress then it was really fun. I went early that day to actually set up our little campsite, because I knew that later I would be busy organizing and what not. So this was the first time I ever set up a tent all by my lonesome. I was pretty proud of myself. I was excited and optomistic that Sydney would be a good little camper like the rest of my kids...So just about when everyone started to head to their tents for bed time, Sydney freaked out, lets just say it was a good thing that home was only 15 minutes away. I had to be back by 6:3O am to start breakfast, so the whole night I was afraid my alarm would not go off, so I barely slept a wink.

I go through phases in my life were I read...I just recently got into one of these phases again (yes even with the start of tv). The first book I read was the Time Travelers Wife, although the story is good I did not love it because in my opinion it was an R-rated book (don't get me started on my I wish books had ratings thing). Next I read My Sisters Keeper, I liked this book, obviously it was not very uplifting but it definelty got me thinking about a lot of things. After that I read The Undaunted about the Hole in the Rock pioneers. I had never heard of this little expedition so it was really interesting to learn the history behind it (I'm a sucker for historical fiction). It overall was good, but certainly not my favorite. Today I just finished reading Hunger Games, so good. I was into it from about page 3. If you haven't read this I highly recommend it. When I heard the plot I never in a million years thought I would like it, but I never thought I would like books about vampires either. So next up on my reading list Catching Fire (which is the sequel to Huger Games) and then the These is my Words series. If anyone has any other recommendations I'm open to some more suggestions.


Sydney is getting big she is almost 6 months. That is just crazy. Time flies when your having fun. She has just recently learned to sit up. I am not sure if she is getting teeth but she has been very fussy lately.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to Zion and More

We went back to St. George this weekend. Since we purchased the National Parks pass, we decided to take another day trip to Zion. We had a lot of fun hiking, but had to limit ourselves because we had all 4 kids with us. Here are some pictures.

Some family photos

We also spent a lot of time at the pool. I really need to find an indoor swimming lesson for Noah, because the kid has no fear when it comes to the water. He is crazy. Tanner is finally getting to a point where he can swim without a life jacket and I don't worry the whole time. Isaac thinks he can swim without a life jacket, but he most definetly can not.

Like I said NO FEAR

One day we went to Sand Hollow to do some boating. I have extreme fears of my kids drowning, so this is not a relaxing thing for me. But everyone got out on the tube (except for Sydney) and Kevin did some wake boarding. Isaac is a little daredevil on the boat. He was very excited to get on the tube all by himself, unfortunatly the front of the tube went under and kind of flipped him off, this kind of scared him (and me as well).

On Moday Kevin hung out with the kids at the pool and I went shopping and got a pedicure. What more could a gal ask for. This was a fun holiday weekend. We really enjoyed our time with the Jacobsons.