Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Party

Last night we had a Halloween costume party. We had 10 families come with over 30 total kids. It was super fun. We ate, we talked and of course we played some Rock Band. We had some crafts for the kids (magic wands and popcorn hands-thanks Kris for putting that together). We also had a pinata for the kiddos. I have parties rather often at my house, but I think in all honesty that is the messiest it has ever gotten....popcorn ALL over the floor, cupcake crumbs on the couch, frosting on the walls, spilled drinks on the floors. Although it was chaotic it was totally worth it, especially because many friends stayed to sweep, vacuum, pick up, wipe down and throw away.

Here is a picture of our family in our Star Wars costumes. I love dressing up!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Witch Convention

So yesterday was Bunco and the gal in charge decided that we should all dress as witches. It was really fun to dress up and most people really got into it. I ordered my costume from ebay, thinking I had plenty of time for it to get here...well it did not, so I had to improvise. My friend Kelli lent me a few things and the rest of the stuff I already had.

Family Fall Photos

So the other day we went for family pictures at JC Pennys (I am so cheap and rarely spring for real photographers, maybe next time...) I think they turned out pretty good.

We also got one of just the kids.

Isaac was due for his 6 year old pictures.

Sydney had her 6 month pictures as well.

Audrey goes to Time Out

So after my catering job last Thursday I took a red eye flight to Virginia...I had a layover in the worst airport ever ATLANTA. We got in a little late leaving me only 30 minutes to get to my next gate. I ran like a crazy lady through the airport(it is a big airport with a train system that was broken) I get to my gate with 10 minutes to spare only to find out that they have switched my gate, so I start running again (and crying) to the opposite end of the airport. Keep in mind that I am exhausted from catering a dinner for 75 then not sleeping and eating much. I honestly did not have the energy to run anymore, but I tried and alas I made it to my gate and collapsed into my seat. Lesson learned: always check for gate changes even if you are limited on time.
I got to Baltimore and waited for my sis-in-law Tara to arrive from NY and then my mom picked us up. We drove and met up with my sis Andrea and then drove to Richmond for Time Out for Women. We had a great time being spititually uplifted and sometimes not (sorry Michael McLean I don't always think a pill is the answer). We had a lot of bad luck at resturaunts with bad food or bad service. All and all it was a fantastic time.
Andrea and I had an intersting experience on our last night 3:30 AM we were awaken by obnoxious knocking at the door. We looked out the peep hole to see who it was, it was a drunk man. We called down to the front desk and they immediatly called security. He started to get a bit more aggresive with his knocking so we called the desk again to tell them to hurry. Andrea and I just sat on the bed holding hands hoping the locks kept on working. Security came, we were too hyped up to sleep and my mom score herself some extra Marriot points.
I will have to add pictures later I forgot they are not on the new laptop.

Wedding Dinner

I recently catered a friends mom's wedding dinner. Here are some pictures:
We served almond crusted chicken with a raspberry citrus sauce, parmesan roasted potatoes, balsamic grilled vegatables, spinach salad with craisins bacon and feta, and butterflake rolls and foccacia squares. For dessert we did a cheesecake bar. We did plain cheesecakes with many toppings: strawberry, mango, carmel, chocolate, nuts and whipped cream. My friend decorated 2 display cheesecakes, they looked so good that people were digging into them with forks. I forgot my camera that night and had to borrrow my friends, and I actually took the pictures before we had put all the cheescake toppings on the table.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mission Reunion

This weekend I got to go to my mission reunion. It was fun to be there and see all these great sisters that I served with. It was amazing to me that so many of them came from so far away. In all honesty I don't think I would have traveled the great distances that they did, but I am so happy they did. It was great to see my mission president again, it had been many years (he has been serving as a member of the seventy in Africa for the last 4 years). President and Sister Snow spoke to us and I'm sure that all that were there were spiritually fed, I know that I was.

I wish I had been able to take more pictures but it was a busy night, not only was I attending the reunion I was also catering it. I am grateful to all those who helped out in the kitchen, thank you. For dinner we had 3 soups (beef stew, corn chowder and chicken enchilada soup), white and wheat butterflake rolls and foccacia squares, and two salads. For dessert we had chocolate cake and cheesecake. I just recently bought these new soup chaffers and they worked out great, it is nice to finally have a solution on how to keep soup warm at an event. Here are some pictures...the tables are not decorated as much as usual, I had brought all these pumpkins, gords and indian corn to decorate with but they totally did not go with the other decor, o-well what's a girl to do. Thanks Kelli and Amara for the decorations (even if I didn't use them).