Monday, July 20, 2009

Lyme Disease

Just so all of you know, I just found out I have Lyme Disease. When the doctor called I was paniced because I really did not much about it or what I was in for. I decided to go to the doctor because I was experiencing some joint pain. Apparently joint pain is a sign of later stages of it, so I have no idea when I got it. Most people (when they are bit by a tick) will get a bulls-eye rash on their skin. I never did get this, unless it was in my hair. I suppose I could have gotten it last year, I also could have gotten it when I was in PA recently, or anytime in between. The doctor has me on an antibiotic for 6 weeks and this should hopefully cure me, if this does not work (which obviously we hope it does) they will have to do IV antibiotics. I am for the most part doing just fine. I still have the joint pain and migraines (and all along I thought they were just because I had 4 kids), it is nothing to bad just kinda annoying. Thanks to all of you who are concerned, I can feel the love and I appreciate it.
Just as a reminder if you are out in the woods, tall grasses, sagebrush, or whatever...make sure to check for ticks.

Kiddie Pictures

Today I took the kids to get some pictures taken:
Here is little Sydney.

Tanner was also due for some pictures:
And we might as well get some of all the kiddos:
I just love these kids.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 Part 2

Monday: We (along with my sister and her kids) went to Washington DC to the National Zoo. The kids enjoyed seeing all the animals. This zoo is free other then the $20 parking. Make sure to get gas before you get in the city, we spent FOREVER driving around looking for a gas station.

Tuesday: This day we (with my sis and her fam and my mom) went into the city to see the sights. Our day was cut short because of rain. We did manage to make it to the Air and Space museum, but that was about it. Afterwards we drove back to my sisters and took the kids to see UP.

Wednesday: We drove back to PA and on our way we stopped at Gettysburg. This visitors center was very interesting, it would have been nice to go without kids, but that's okay...It was pretty cool that we were there on the anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg.
Thursday: We (with my sister Alison and my sis-in-law Carrie and their kids) went to Blue Marsh Lake. This was a cheap, yet fun thing to do. It only costs $3/per car to go, it was really nice and the kids had a blast.

Friday: this is the day we flew home. On the way to the airport we stopped by the Smith Memorial Playhouse and let kids play at this fabulous playground for a few hours.
Then we flew home, we had a great time. Thanks to my family for hanging out with us and making our trip so great.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009 Part 1

We just got home from a very jam packed vacation back east. Here is what we did.
Wednesday -travel day. This was Sydney's first time on a plane and she did really well. I'm sure everyone who was sitting around us got really paniced when they saw us coming with our 4 kids, but they all did great.

Thursday: We met my sister-in-law Carrie and her kids at Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. This was super fun, the kids could have stayed here all day, but we limited it to 4 hours.

Friday: We went to Dutch Wonderland, this is an amusement park for kids. It was great, there was nothing the older kids could not ride and the best part of the whole experience was that we never had to wait in a line all day.

Later the evening we headed over the Chocolate World.

Saturday: We met up with my sister Andrea and her fam, by brother Jeff and his fam, my brother Brad and his son, my parents and 2 more of my nephews for a super crowded but fun day at Hershey Park.

Sunday: we went to church and then had a family lunch before we left for my sisters in Virginia. On the way there we stopped by my sister Alisons.
Okay this vacation was to long for one post, so more to come.