Saturday, November 8, 2008


Isaac's birthday is on Monday so we had his little party today. Overall everything went well. We went with the dinosaur theme. This was great for me because you can buy dino stuff everywhere including the dollar store, so definetly not the most creative I've been, but still fun for the kids, and that is what matters most.

Isaac with his big blow-up T-Rex

As the kids arrived they each got a dinosaur mask and then they painted little dinosaurs. This was a big hit with the kids.

Next we did the Pin-the-tail on the Triceritops and then we did a dino egg hunt. (I bought these from Oriental trading, spikey eggs with little dinos inside.) After that we went out to chip away at "rocks" to find fossils. This went a lot better in my head. I buried dino skeletons in plaster of paris and painted them. The kids each had a pointed dowel and a rock to chip away at them. I thought they would break apart a lot easier, but this took some time, we ended up sending the kids home with them to finish. I think most of the kids really thought this was fun (except the 2 that got their fingers with their rocks).

Next we had lunch, dino nuggets and grapes and then cake and ice cream. For the cake I just bought this cake pan from e-bay (like I said not super creative, but it works).

Then we went and did the volcano. I have always wanted to do this. I made it out of modeling clay and soda bottle and paint. Then you put baking soda, dish detergent, water, red food coloring and vinegar and the "lava" starts pouring out.

Next we did the pinata. Isaac's b-day is so close to Halloween so we normally don't ever do a pinata, but this year he said, "Mommy, how come I never get a pinata?" I felt so bad, so we had to do it.

We finished things off with opening presents and a dinosaur bone race. All in all it went well. It is a challenge to keep 12 young kids under control, but thanks to all my friends and fam that helped out with crowd control. I always appreciate it.


Andrea said...

Looked like a fun party! All that matters is that Isaac was happy!

Amara said...

Hey, my boy was happy too! I'm sorry I didn't help now. I was at the store(s) all morning. Looks like one of your normal incredibly cool b-day parties again.

Angel said...

Another fab Jacobson party! What do you mean not too creative? You picked a theme that was easier to plan around and Isaac got his pinata. Dinosaur eggs and excavating dino-bones sounds pretty creative. And a volcano! You are the most awesome party planner and thats why you get all the happy kids at your parties! No one wants to miss a Jacobson party. Wish I could have been there to help, but can't say I missed the snow.

Angel said...

I don't have anyting to add, but the verification word is "squerspi" and I just wanted to type a funny word.
Happy Birthday Isaac!