Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny Days

This year, although life is crazy with a new baby, we still tried to keep with our Easter traditions. On Friday evening we dyed eggs. The kids really enjoyed this and wished that they had more then 3 eggs to decorate. Please do not look to closely at the picture of Isaac, my kitchen is a disaster.

On Saturday we started the day with breakfast and an egg hunt at the church. Because of rain, we had to do this indoors, which wasn't ideal but it worked out. There were lots of eggs and individual pieces of candy scattered all over. Noah was funny, so not interested in the eggs, was all about the candy. I don't think he really understood that there was candy in the eggs.
Later that day we had dinner and an egg hunt at Kevin's parents. Yummy food and lots of candy for the kids, what more could we ask for.
This morning we got the kids all dressed up for church. They sure do clean up nice.

After church we came home and the kids got to search for their Easter baskets. Of course this is the most excting part for the kids.

The Easter bunny also brought mom and dad the Wii Fit. After desperatly trying to squeeze into my pre-pregnancy pants (with no success), I'm in major need of something to help get me motivated.
These were not Easter pictures, but just some recent pictures of Sydney.
So have I mentioned how much fun it is to have a girl. It is like having my own little doll to dress up and snuggle.


Angel said...

Huh? What? Kev's parent's are back in Provo? Love all of the pictures! Noticed little Sydney wearing a tiny bracelet, didn't know they made them that small! So cute! She just gets prettier every day doesn't she! All the kids look wonderful. Happy Bunny Day to all!

Amara said...

What a good idea to have Easter AFTER church! I thought I was going to roll over into the aisle asleep during sacrament I was so tired today from "bunnying" early early.

sgwinfrey said...

I just think your Sydney is precious, she looks like a little baby doll. She is so sweet with her big brothers holding her. Sounds like you guys had a great Easter, everyone looks so sharp. Not looking forward to the working out part to get into pre-pregnancy clothes, am looking forward to getting this baby out though..6weeks and counting!

J.J. said...

Your baby is getting big, she is so beautiful, and all your boys look so handsome. Your such a great mom to have easter be fun with a little one on your hands.

Rachel said...

I love all the pictures! You seem like you are right on top of life. Also jealous...I need the wii fit!

Jessie said...

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give-away!


Travis and Megan Liston said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Your kids are so cute!