Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Love the Carnival

Every year we look forward to the local carnival. On opening night they always have dollar day. It is one dollar for a ticket and one ticket to ride each ride. This year we were pleasently suprised to find out it was actually 50 cent day. That meant we could save some money for some yummy funnel cake. What is a carnival without funnel cake???
Here are some photos of all the fun:

Noah liked the little roller coaster so much, he wanted to go again.


Angel said...

You know, I read over on Facebook where you said that Tanner was getting too big for these "baby rides". I have to say, after looking at all of the fantastic foto's, the one who's getting too big isn't's Kevin! Go back and look! lol

Kearl said...

Nice face Audrey. You don't look like you're enjoying the ride so much.