Monday, May 24, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Turning 8 has been a big deal for Tanner. First off, of course, he had the birthday party. But turning 8 also means cub scouts and this month for pack meeting it was the Pinewood Derby, let's just say he was pretty excited about that.
Here he was with his car. (In his brand new cub scout shirt that I had to mortgage the house just to pay for.)
Watching the cars race. We are by no means hard core Pine Wood Derbiers, but we did put a little time and effort into it because we wanted to make sure it at least made it down the track. He ended up in 5th place which we all felt perfectly fine with.

All the boys diplaying their cars so proudly.
Tanner won the award for most like a Corvette. (I remember when I was in cub scouts trying to think of award names for each of the cars, not always the funnest job).
So also with turning 8, Tanner gets to get baptized. I guess we save the best for last. That is scheduled for June 12th, so look forward to more pictures for that.


Tia and Amara said...

It's so cool how excited they start out in cub scouts. It's like the activity day girls. Tell him congratulations for me.

Stacey Bacon said...

Love it! He is getting so big and so handsome! I love all the pics from his Harry Potter party! I am a die hard fan so that party would have been like heaven to me! You are amazing and I am definitely hiring you to do my future childrens' parties. We do need to get together. Our schedules have been crazy but I think June will be a little less hectic. Email me your cell number. I think I only have your old home phone. Love ya

Travis and Megan Liston said...

So exciting! Okay, I'm very impressed with your party planning skills. Tommy has asked to have a "Spy" theme birthday party, but he is just starting to get into Harry Potter, so maybe I should run that by him. I have to admit, I love Harry Potter. And as for Ivy's cupcake dress, we got it at Marshall's. Ivy loves to wear dresses. Your pictures are great!