Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parents Visit

My parents came out to visit for Tanner's baptism. We tried to stay as busy as we could, but the weather was so crummy...They day they got here, we met them at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We have a season pass there and had not been to the Gardens yet. It was beautiful and the kids had a blast (we didn't even make it to the Childrens Gardens section).

After the Gardens we went over to Iceburg for some icecream. Sydney was so cute, she just loved the independence of using her own spoon.

The next day it was raining on and off all day, but during one of the rain breaks we made it to the local carnival.

Sydney had a great time on all the rides. It makes me very excited to take her to Disneyland

The boys on the Dragon, Noah looks very unsure about it, but I actually think he really liked it, because he keeps talking about it.

Tanner rode this very scary (to me) ride called the Fire Ball. I was scared just watching him ride it.

I was a good BIG brother and rode the little ride with his very happy sister.

Apparently my 8-year-old has not learned how to eat a carmel apple.
In Tanner's defence, Kevin just reminded me...We would not have a lot of success eating a carmel apple if we were missing our 2 front teeth.

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Chiadeb said...

Thanks for hosting us--we had a great time!