Thursday, July 29, 2010

Messy Night

Every Monday night Thanksgiving Point Gardens does a theme night of activities for kids. We decided Messy Night would be the perfect time to go. My friend Sarah Jane was in town so her and her family met us there for the fun.
Here is Tanner in the process of throwing some perfectly good jello

The three boys after the jello fight.

The Jello fight was definetly the highlight of the night for my kids, but other fun things went on as well, such as: eating popsicles from a string, paper mache, finger painting, quick sand, etc.

Here is Tanner having himself a popcicle.

Isaac showing of one of his messy silly faces.

Isaac playing in the quicksand

Sarah Jane and Me

Anyway I highly recommend the Thanksgiving Point Garden Monday night thing. If anyone wants to go, let us know, we can get you in for half off.


Tia and Amara said...

My kids would have loved that! I hope I notice it the next time it comes around.

Princess Gerty said...

Thanks for getting us in on the deal! That was a great highlight of our trip!