Friday, April 15, 2011


Last week I was in Michigan on a "family history" trip. Sydney and I jumped on a plane and met my sister Andrea and her daughter Anna in Detroit. We spent our first evening with Grandma Chiapelli looking through old photo albums. My sister was busy taking pictures of pictures. It was great looking at pictures of when she was younger but also she has several pictures of me when I was young as well. We also got to do the photo album thing with my Pop Pop in Petosky. I left my fancy camera at home, so I depended on my sister for taking most of the pictures, but here are some I do have.
Here are some pictures from some of the visits.
 We don't get to Michigan very often, so it was great to see so people we haven't seen in 8 years and some even longer then that. Grandma Chiapelli, Uncle Larry, my mom, Kym, Dana, Jeffery, Matty, Alex, Pop Pop and Grandma Rosemarie, Aunt Jean, Uncle David and Aunt Mary, cousin Becky and her 5 kids. It was great seeing so my family and it makes me want to make more efforts to get out their more frequently.
Here are some pictures from my Pop Pops house. I have so many great memories from his farm!
 Here we are goofing around at the outhouse and checking out the old cars and the airplane.
 Here are some other random pictures. On our way up north we stopped in Frankenmuth (a little German town) for lunch at the Bavarian Inn.
On the way home, we had to leave for the airport at 7am so my sister would be on time for her 10 am flight. We got to the airport at 8 am and when I was checking in they were asking for people to be bumped from my flight, so I said I would for $800 credit. So Sydney and I hung out in the Detroit Airport till 5:30 pm. Good thing it is a nice airport. we road the train, hung out in the bookstore, played in the play area, and of course did a little eating. About and hour into our flight home, Sydney threw up all over me and her seat. Lets just say the next 3 hours were very pleasant!!!
All in all a great trip.

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