Monday, May 30, 2011

Disneyland, again!

We went to Disneyland again and of course we had a great time. (How could we not, it is the most magical place on earth.) The kids were great. Tanner and Isaac just love riding the thrill rides. Kevin and his dad took them to Knotts Berry Farm one day so they could ride some real roller coasters.
This trip the parks were more crowded then we are used to, but we still managed to do everything we wanted several times. The wait to visit the princesses was 90 minutes long, but we managed to work it in around lunch and we took turns waiting in line while the kids were eating. Otherwise the lines were manageable. While we were there we realized that Sydney has turned into quite the diva and that we have our work cut out for us so that she doesn't turn into a spoiled brat!
We have one more trip planned to Disney in September and then we will be taking a break. Up next on the vacation Alaskan cruise (maybe). Still trying to decide if we can afford it.

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Amara said...

Taking a break from Disney? What? Who's really writing this?! Just kidding. Looks like you had a great time.