Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angry Birds

 Isaac wanted a video game party for his birthday back in November (yes, I know I am several months late). I was not feeling inspired, so went with a specific video game, Angry Birds!
Isaac decided to invite all the boys from his class, this is the most kids we have ever had at a party and it was crazy! I made bird masks for all the kids. And bird goody bags. The kids had pizza and rootbeer for dinner. Then we played games. 
The first game was darts (sorry the picture is sideways). Simple. Then we went outside and did an egg race. They ran with the egg on a wooden spoon to the other end of the yard and had to place the egg in the nest without it breaking. Then we headed to the basement to play Angry birds. All the structure pieces were boxes (most of which were Capri Suns turned inside out). I painted pig faces on some green foam balls. And bird faces on red and blue bouncy balls, which the kids sling shot at the structures and had to knock all the pigs down. After that we had a pig pinata.
The cake. This was fun to make. I had seen several similar ideas. I wanted it to be a cake they could actually play. I had a wood board which I (or the hubby) drilled holes into to hold the dowls that made the sling shot (felt and rubber bands). The cake itself is 2 9*13 pans. I used Reeses Peanut Butter Sticks for most of the structure and the rest were rice Krispy Treats dipped in white or blue chocolate with a silver dusting on it. The birds themselves were not edible, they were purchased on Amazon.
All in all a fun party, just way to many kids. Hopefully I never make that mistake again. It seemed like all the kids had a great time.


Angel said...

I just read all 3 of your new posts. It's great to see you're blogging again. I loved "helping" with Sydney's party. Even though I couldn't be there it was nice to hear all the plans and talk about them with you. Makes me feel like I'm still "connected" with you and the kids. You are the best party planner ever! Hope you keep blogging.

Amara said...

Amazing --as usual. I can't believe you handled that many kids too. Major props to you! I wonder if you could publish a book with all of your parties? I bet even an e-book would sell major copies.

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