Friday, August 8, 2008

I'm a Slacker, time for Catch Up

Well it has been a few weeks since I last posted, so now it is time for the update on what has been going on.
My friend Sarah (we were friends growing up in Pennsylvania) came to Utah for a visit. I met up with her and some of her sisters for a few hours. It was fun to see them, so thanks for finding time to see us.

We bought the kids a trampoline. I know this probably something I will regret later on, but for now they are having a blast on it. And if they are happy, I'm happy.

I tried to grow a small veggie garden this year. I planted some tomatos but then I could not find any of those cage thingers anywhere (trust me I looked and looked again). So this is what my "garden" looks like, not pretty and it has gotten worse. I tried that's all I can say.

We went to St. George last weekend and the kids had a great time playing in the pool. Tanner decided to try snorkling. He got pretty good at it by the end of the weekend he was swimming without his life jacket. The other boys just had fun playing in the water.

Kevin's parents just got a new (used) boat, so we took it to Gunlock Resevior for a little fun. I got to learn how to drive the boat and Kevin and the boys had a little fun on the tube. The boys loved it and Isaac even got brave enough to try it on his own.

I came home from St. George and immediatly started reading Breaking Dawn. I wanted to read it slowly because it is the last book in the series, but... I finished it Wednesday and I really enjoyed it. I don't want to get into any specifics because not everyone has finished it, but I think everything turned out well. Now I have no books to read and TV doesn't start up till the end of September, so if anyone has any book recommendations, please let me know.

So You think You Can Dance ended last night and I was happy with the winner. He was one of my favorites from the beginning, so Yeah. Now that it is over, there is absolutley nothing left to watch on TV, which is hard for me because I do love my TV.

Tonight we are having a ward Dutch Oven dinner and unfortunatly the weather is crappy and we may need to move it indoors. I am holding out till 4:00 to make the decision. It is really something that should be done outdoors.

Sunday, me and the 3 boys leave for Pennsylvania (yes, I know I absolutly crazy flying by myself with all of them, but...). We have some fun things planned and I am going to get to see all of my siblings and the kids will see all of their cousins, so as long as I can make it through the plane ride, it should be fun.


Andrea said...

Can't wait! We should really plan a grandkids picture...

Kevin said...

No TV to watch?!? What about that little event they call the olympics! I think we're set. :-)

Kelli said...

Audrey, a trampoline?
sorry about no TV, I say watch the Olympics!
I have a book or two you can read. I haven't started Breaking Dawn, yet. Come over when you get back from PA and we'll trade books and talk about BD.
Have a fun rest of the summer before school starts! You'll have a great time in PA. I'm sending good luck vibes for the plane ride!
Sorry I missed the dutch oven event. We had tickets to the Bees game at the last minute. I took the girls by myself because R had to work.

Chiapelli Family said...

We are sooo excited to see you!!!!Can't wait for the kiddos to play play play!

Princess Gerty said...

I really like a lot of books by Orsen (sp?) Scott Card. Stone Tables, Sarah, Rebeca, etc. are good. Email or call and I'll give more details. It was GREAT to see you and your boys!

J.J. said...

Wow Audrey you are a busy women. I'm sad to hear that you are out of town, I just found out the Megan is here, we are doing lunch tomorrow I wish you could be here. Next time right? I'm glad you are having fun summer and that you are spending time with your family. Hopefully we can get together soon. Can't wait to hear how your trip went.

Zoe said...

Hey Audrey, just showing Kay your blog . . . :) We just got back from boating and it was soo much fun, though I didn't get to drive it. Asher and I did the tube though, which was really brave for both of us. Ummm, I feel that I should mention to you that I have tickets to SYTYCD when they come to SLC . . . if you want to go. I am going with my girl friends and would love it if you came with us. They are second row seats (I bought them early before they went public) and they are $66 each. I actually bought them to sell online but I just know too many people who want to go. I might try to sell two of them though, make a few hundred dollars!! :)

Also, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Breaking Dawn. It was Soooo great. I will have to discuss my feelings/theories with you.

. . . and one more thing, we were thinking of coming back down here over labor day weekend. We thought that we would see if you guys would / could come too.

Talk to you later!!