Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tanner Loses 1st Tooth

On Saturday Tanner lost his first tooth. We were at the dentist last month and they were a bit concerned because his adult teeth were ready to come in but the roots for his baby teeth were very long. So hopefully he will lose the rest with no problems, so that we don't have to get them pulled. Here's hoping. Also, he lost his tooth on a Saturday, which at our house is the day when the kids get to do their own hair, so check out his cool do.


Zoe said...

Awww. That is exciting! I hope that the toothfairy remembers the treat . . .unlike at my house where she sometimes forgets. :( He he.

We are not going to be going down for Labor day. Sterling and I have the chance to go to Florida together . . .I still haven't told Kay. Sterling is going to go to Greece for 2 weeks in Sept. so I was thinking of going down one weekend. Just for a short visit. Maybe just you and I could go together . . . with the kids of course. Humm, that would be a full car.

Angel said...

Grani Jani is so happy Tanner! I hope it didn't hurt too much to lose your tooth. You are growing up so fast and I miss you and Isaac and Noah so much. I'm glad your mom puts pictures of you in her blog. It's not the same as shopping at Wal Mart but I do enjoy them. Good Luck losing more teeth! Love to you and your brothers

J.J. said...

Yea, a tooth out, hopefully they will all come out. Love the hair!!!