Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Capitol Reef

We just returned home from a long weekend trip to Capitol Reef. We have a goal to reach all 5 of Utah National Parks before the end of August. So far we have been to Bryce Canyon, Zion and now Capitol Reef. We plan on going to Arches as well as Canyonlands in June (sometime). We are also going to the Grand Canyon in May and we may try to squeeze in a quick trip to Great Basin as well. We have really enjoyed going to all these National Parks and I am sureit is not the only time we will.
We got to Capitol Reef around noon and headed to the Visitors Center to get an idea of what hikes we wanted to do. We headed over to a moderately strenuous hike to Hickman Bridge. This was fantastic, not only was the bridge an amazing site to see, so was everything else all around.

While we were on the Hickman Bridge hike, we ran into our good friends the Peads. They had mentioned that they might come, but I was doubtful because they had a new baby and it wasn't exactly warm. When we got there and there was no cell service, we really gave up on thinking we would see them, but we just happened to be on the same hike. Crazy! They have boys all my boys age, so of course the kids were excited.
After this hike we all went to do the scenic drive as well as a quick stop to look at some Petroglyphs. We topped this day off with a trip to Slackers for burgers, fries and an ice cream sundae (totally off the diet this weekend).

The next day we started our day with a 4 1/2 mile hike through Great Wash Basin. This was a long way to go for the kids, but we all made it. Noah decided after about 20 minutes that he had had it with the backpack and so he walked the remaining 3 miles. Needless to say the pace was not all that fast. He even fell in the mud and was pretty thrilled about that. This was an enjoyable hike, but would have been much more enjoyable without Noah. Sydney on the other hand was perfect and just enjoyed herself on mommies back.

The boys became Junior Rangers.
We spent the rest of the day at the hotel pool and eating (of course).
Each night we triend to put the kids to bed a little before 8 and becasue we were in one hotel room we had to turn out all the lights. It was kind of nice...Audrey also went to bed at 8pm each night.

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