Friday, April 2, 2010

Cupcake Heaven

It was so fun to fianlly be able to plan a birthday party for a girl. I have lots of ideas up my sleve for the next several years, but we decided to start her first birthday with cupcakes. I had a great time trying different recipes in the weeks leading up to the party.
Momma loves her birthday girl.

Sydney loved having everyone sing to her. Wow look at that cake all for me.

Not really sure about this.

Oh wait I think I liked it.

The food: Ribbon sandwiches (some with PB&J and others with ham, tukey and cheese), Nuts about berries salad, fruit salad, fluffy pink jello salad, chips and to drink pineapple raspberry frappe.
The dessert: cupcakes and more cupcakes!!!

Just because we need a closer look at these cupcakes...

For so long, I have been wanting to make these cupcake pops from Bakerella, but I never really had a reason until now. They were a little time consuming, and there were times when I questioned whether they were even going to work, but I think they turned out I may be tempted to make them again, maybe.

Here they are all wrapped up as a centerpiece.
You may remember these Oreo Cupcakes from a few weeks ago. I girled them up a bit with these cute chocolate hearts.
These cupcake toppers were fun and something that I never knew were a possibilty to make until I ran across then while looking for sprinkles online. They are called chocolate transfer sheets. You pour melted chocolate over the sheet, level the chocolate, wait till it is almost hard and use a cookie cutter to make in the desired shape. I chose hearts

These were a lemon cupcake with a lemon cream cheese frosting. I thought they turned out so cute. Very girly. A very easy to make.

I got the ideas for these cupcake toppers from Bakerella. With a homemade flower pattern they were super easy a quick to make. You start with the pattern underneath a piece of wax paper. You put a yellow candy melt for the center and then with white chocolate you pipe the outline and then fill in with pink chocolate.
We also had cupcake decorating for the kids as well as a pinata and a quiz about Sydney.
I know a lot of work for a one year old birthday party, but hey it's what I do and for the most part I have fun while doing it. I love trying new things, especially if they work.


Barnecked Lady said...

I LOVE IT! Everything turned out so cute!

Hoffmann Family said...

I love your presentation for everything! I enjoy that type of thing too! I really want to know about those sandwhiches! They are so unique! Will you email me where you get that bread and the recipe? Thanks!

Tia and Amara said...

Thanks for posting these pictures! I thought everything was beautiful. i like the name "ribbon sandwiches". You ought to post these all on facebook too so everyone can see and be appropriately impressed. :) It may lead to a future job....

Rachel said...

Geez Audrey, you make me feel so inadequate :)

But honestly your kids are so lucky to have a mama like you.

Thanks for inviting us. I've decided that we are entirely too busy now a days. But it would be great to see you guys sometime.

sara e.a.* said...

happy b-day to Sydney! What a cute one!

from Burke:)

Kearl said...

You amaze me! Tell me about those sandwiches. Did you dye the bread?

Jacobson Five said...

I bought the bread from Macey's they will color it for you...whatever color you want.