Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here are some pictures from Easter.

These pictures were actually taken the Sunday before Easter, when the weather was actually pretty nice.
Because of General Conference we didn't go to church on Sunday, but here they are on Easter. We'll just call it Easter Casual.

Sydney finds her basket with the help of her brothers. Of course, she is way to interested in what's inside to look at the camera.
Tanner was the last to find his, it was hidden in the dryer behind a bunch of clothes. The older you get the harder we hide them.


Isaac was the first to find his, it was in the jungle.

Noah finds an egg.

Sydney was real cute looking for eggs, she knew there was good stuff inside. I let her eat 1 jelly bean and decided that was enough.

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Tia and Amara said...

So cute! I love that picture of you with Sydney -hot mama! Thanks again for the cake. Made my day. Did you put some orange zest in the icing? It was so good and the cake was so moist. Fantastic.