Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Birthday is Done!

Yesterday for family home evening, we put together all 35 (plus 3, so 38) hygiene kits. It was such a great experience for our kids as we sat all around the table and filled the bags. They asked lots of questions about why people would need them and then realized how blessed they really are because they don't need them. We had to explain to them that sometimes if there was an earthquake or other disaster, we may be in need of a hygiene kit. Tanner and Isaac were quick to point out that we have our 72-Hour-Kits, so we would be fine if there was an emergency. (Note to self...add hygiene things to 72-hour kits, sorry boys we would have food and water but no toothpaste).

Here they are all packaged up. Don't they look fun.
Today I dropped them off and from there they will be shipped off to where ever they are needed.
This has been such a great experience for me. Not only did I get to participate in this humanitarian project, but I also felt the love from so many wonderful friends and family. Everyone was so generous and that was a bleesing to see.
So thank you to Kay, Tina, Amara, Kim, Lisa, Joanne, Sandra, Brenda, Becky, Ceci, Kelli, Kris, Jaime, Kelli, Kristy, Pam and Elna. You all made me feel special and helped with this great cause.


Amara said...

so proud of you for spearheading this project. Umm -yeah. We don't have ANY of those things in our 72 hour kits!

Princess Gerty said...

Wow! You are so inspirational! Going green and what a thoughtful birthday! I hope you felt really special and blessed for your birthday! I hope to follow your example!