Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bring in the Clowns

Noah turned 5 back in February and he really wanted to have a Carnival Party, this is a party I have always wanted to do because there are so many ideas out there. Sometimes when there are so many ideas it is hard to pick and choose. But this is what we did.
We turned the basement into the carnival We had popcorn and cotton candy, every kid got tickets and a goody box to put their prizes in.
We had several games. Elephant ring toss. Wiffle Ball Throw. Fish Pond (which I had made for a school carnival). Lollipop Tree ($4 clearance at OT). Plinko ($4 clearance at OT). Teddy Bear Toss ($2 clearance at OT). Fish Pond (not pictured, don't ask me how I missed taking a picture of that). Each game had prizes and that was there party loot.

After the games were played we headed upstairs for cupcakes and ice cream. I went with the clown cupcakes instead of a cake because they were so darn cute and colorful. 

The pictures are a bit out of order, but when the kids arrived they all got a homemade party/clown hat. While we waited for all the guests to arrive I made balloon animals. Who knew I had that talent.

Looks like a bunch of happy kids!

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Amara said...

Another amazing party. Seriously! A book!