Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So yesterday was SYTYCD tour show, and I have to say it was better then I expected. The show in total was almost 3 hours long. There was one point about half way through, they did a big group number (Baliwood) and I thought the show was over. At that point I was a little dissapointed because my 2 favorite routines had not been performed, little did I know we were only half way through. I was expecting the show to pretty much be like the season finale, but they did so many more routines. Some routines that I did not particularly enjoy on tv were a lot more powerful when seen in person. The routine which got the biggest applause was Chelsea and Mark's Bleeding Love (not sure if that was because she was a local girl or if it is an overall favorite, probably a combination). Anyway so fun, thanks Zoe for getting me a ticket.

My camera died before half way through the show, so no pictures of the big favorites. It's okay though, although we had pretty good seats, it was still hard to get a good picture, but here is one of the whole group.


Zoe said...

It was a blast!! Thanks for not posting any nasty pics of me!! LOL!

Angel said...

So awesome that you and Zoe got to see the live show.
Isn't it cool that Lacy Schwimmer from previous season is now a pro on DWTS.
Glad you had a fun time and had good seats.

Travis and Megan Liston said...

How fun! I would've loved to catch that show. -Megan

Renee said...

Well, hello my dear!!! Long time no talk--we must catch up! Your family is so cute and when did you have all these babies????? email me (Ottley)


Zoe said...

Uh hummm, pictures please . . . I need to post about it too. :)