Thursday, September 4, 2008

Isaac's Day of Firsts

Yesterday was Isaac 1st day of preschool for the year. He is going to a music based preschool and he is very excited about that. He seemed to have a good time and he has a few buddies in his class. After school I took him out to lunch to IHOP (his favorite place to eat). He felt pretty special.

Yesterday was also Isaac's very 1st soccer game. It is fun to watch a bunch of 4 year olds playing soccer. The ball went out of bounds A LOT and there was alot of using hands, but still it was cute. It seems that non of our kids have been born with lots of athletic abilities, but Isaac gets into the game a bit more then Tanner. He was always there with the ball. Tanner is a bit more timid and afraid of getting hurt. Isaac smashed heads with a kid and got stepped on with a soccer cleat and he was right back out there playing again. Tanner's first game is tonight, so we shall see how he does now that he is 6. More to come on that later.


Rachel said...

He's so cute! Katelyn is kind of like Tanner and more timid but gets in there somewhat. Can you believe that we are full fledged soccer moms? :) I'm getting old!

Angel said...

Not athleticly inclined? Audrey, they are only 4 and 6. You're getting them into it it and if they like it they'll be inclined. Way to go Isaac! School and soccer! Your're certainly a "big cheese" now! Looks like you are having lots of fun. Grani Jani wishes she could watch you play. I love you lots.

Stacey Bacon said...

Audrey, your boys are adorable. I cannot believe how big they are. It's been way to long. It was so fun seeing you in Park City. We must get together and do something soon! Love you.