Monday, September 15, 2008

A Busy Weekend

On Friday night our stake had what they called a Harvest Fair and my friend Kelly and I were in charge of a little craft corner for the kids. We had 5 different crafts going on and all the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. There were several hundred kids that came to enjoy the fun. We did foam leaf placemats (from Oriental Trading), cupcake decorating, popcorn turkeys (which kind of looked like spooky hands, either way the kids thought they were great), foam bead necklaces, and tatoos. Here are some pictures from the night.

So on Saturday I helped my friend with a catering job. (My friend that lives down the road also caters, so we help each other out. It is actually kind of nice helping because I still make a little extra money but I don't have all the stress of doing it myself.) That kept me busy all of Saturday (and part of Friday as well). It was a formal dinner. We served chicken with italian sausage and peppers, potatoes, roasted balsamic vegetables, salad, assorted bread with dipping oil, and spanish olives. I actually remembered my camera and had time to take so photos. So here are just a few pictures from that.


J.J. said...

You have such great ideas with all the little projects with the kids, sounds fun, but also a lot of work.

The food looks so good, sounds like you have had a very busy weekend, I don't know how you do it with three little ones, your amazing.

Angel said...

You are always so good with kid entertainment! I remember hearing a mother say ""Miss a Jacobson birthday party, are you kidding?". You have a very special talent with the little ones...and you're an excellent cook also! Glad you found a moment to blog about it.

Andrea said...

Dang, looks like I missed some fun parties!! Great Job, Auggie!!

mommy24 said...

Hey, Audrey!! So good to see you and your cute family on your blog! Your boys are so adorable and your food looks yummy! I didn't know you had the talent for cooking. I do remember your talent for singing and dancing--You'd be proud to know I still can dance the CopaCabana you taught me! In fact, it's quite a hit. People request to see it! Congratulations on your good news on having a 4th. I know how you feel--if we have a fourth, we'll just assume it's a girl! So good to hear from you!