Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mission Reunion

This weekend I got to go to my mission reunion. It was fun to be there and see all these great sisters that I served with. It was amazing to me that so many of them came from so far away. In all honesty I don't think I would have traveled the great distances that they did, but I am so happy they did. It was great to see my mission president again, it had been many years (he has been serving as a member of the seventy in Africa for the last 4 years). President and Sister Snow spoke to us and I'm sure that all that were there were spiritually fed, I know that I was.

I wish I had been able to take more pictures but it was a busy night, not only was I attending the reunion I was also catering it. I am grateful to all those who helped out in the kitchen, thank you. For dinner we had 3 soups (beef stew, corn chowder and chicken enchilada soup), white and wheat butterflake rolls and foccacia squares, and two salads. For dessert we had chocolate cake and cheesecake. I just recently bought these new soup chaffers and they worked out great, it is nice to finally have a solution on how to keep soup warm at an event. Here are some pictures...the tables are not decorated as much as usual, I had brought all these pumpkins, gords and indian corn to decorate with but they totally did not go with the other decor, o-well what's a girl to do. Thanks Kelli and Amara for the decorations (even if I didn't use them).


Hoffmann Family said...

You have such great taste. I love your presentation. When you are at churches, do you use the hymn books to give you your different levels. LOL, I sure do!

Tia and Amara said...

the soup chafers look great! so glad YOU bought them (hee hee). I also like the bread things I think it looks great with two --who's was the other one? Did you buy more brown satin? It looks really classy. I don't think you needed much else.