Monday, November 23, 2009

Disney World 2009

We have now been home for a few is about time I blog about our trip. I just have to start by saying we had a wonderful time. As far as family vacations go we just couldn't ask for more. The kids were all very well behaved., we ate great (and I didn't even gain weight), we slept okay, and we created many fantastic family memories. We spent 8 fabulous days in the park (that is 2 days per park, and although it was long, it also felt like just about the right amount of time). Here are some pictures of the whole fam.

Tanner loves going to Disney. He is not afraid of anything. He will ride all the rides and get excited about it. This trip he was finally tall enough to ride Rockin Rollercoaster, that ended up being is favorite ride. He decided to start collecting keys while he was there, he got one at every park, so that is how he spent his Disney Dollars (also grandma helped a bit). It is nice that he is 7 now, not only can he ride ALL the rides, but he is also well behaved.

Isaac overcame some fears on this trip. He is no longer afraid to ride Tower of Terror, as a matter of fact it has now become a favorite. He was also tall enough to ride Expedition Everest and Mission Space, which also ranked really high on his favorite list. Isaac celebrated his 6th birthday while we were there. For his b-day he wanted to start collecting and trading pins. He was so cute looking all around for cast members to trade with.

Noah was interesting on this trip...he did not smile as much as usual, but he was still having a good time and still talks about it a lot. He had to share the stroller with Sydney and she would always try to grab is sucker or cookie or whatever he was eating, so unfortunatly he picked up his habit of hitting again and again we are trying to remedy that. I asked him what his favorite ride was and he said Winnie the Pooh. He loved seeing the characters. Other then the hitting and often wanting to be held, he was very pleasant to have around.

She was a doll on the trip. So smiley the entire time. Just happy to be outside, happy to have people paying attention to her, just down right HAPPY. She loved meeting all the characters and they all loved her. She got a lot of attention from everyone, every where we turned people were commenting on her outfit, her bow or big huge smile. Of course mommy was so excited to finally have a girl at Disney and I get more excited for when she is old enough to enjoy all the princess stuff. Just a few more years.

Of course Kevin loved being there, what a proud papa to have all his of his kiddos there. Kev and the older boys would go off and ride the big rides and that is always a bonding moment. We were fortunate to have Kev's parent's there with us for part of the time. They were able to stay with the babies so we could ride together. Kevin also got to be a part of a street performance in France at Epcot. Kevin really works hard to make these vacations possible for us. So thanks hun.
People always ask me why we like Disney so much? I would have to say it is Magical. Just to see how much the kids love it and to see there joy, it is priceless and that is why we keep going back. While we were there I got to meet up with a friend from my mission and her fantastic little family, Kami it is always good to see you.
Until next time...which for me, Kevin and Sydney it will be in January. Kev has to go for work so we decided to make it our "anniversary trip".
Just so you all know, I HATE blogger for how difficult it is to post, maybe part of it is user error but wow it is ridiculous.


Tia and Amara said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Thanks again for all of your help this afternoon. Nothing like having a Disney "Pro" in your corner to give you some confidence to take the trip!

Angel said...

Seems like I've been waiting FOREVER for this post, but it's soooo worth it! Great photos and it sounds like a wonderful trip. Sorry you had a hard time with posting. I've never been able to figure out how you get all the photos and text set up like you do so Great Job! It looks fantastic!