Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

So every year our neighborhood does a Treats on the Street thing, you just come with your bowl of candy and sit out at the road. The kids come walk up and down the road and get lots of candy, it is kind of nice because it doesn't take long, they don't have to walk long, and they get more candy then these little ones would ever need. Here are some pictures from the night.


Tia and Amara said...

love the kids in the wagon. so cute. wasn't it nice it was so warm for them this year? I was so grateful.

Jaime said...

Audrey, you're family looks great! I happened to be looking at your pics while I was with my 5 year old nephew Jack- he was so excited to see your whole family in Star Wars costumes (incidentally, he was Darth Vader this year) Anyways, he kept insisting on looking at your family pics and showing everyone- he was so impressed! (That's a real compliment- kids are SO honest!)

Stacey Bacon said...

The most darling stars war family I have ever seen. I love that you love parties and costumes and themes. Why don't we hang out everyday again? Oh yeah you have four kids and I am flying around the country all week long. I love ya though and am dying to come play!