Sunday, November 1, 2009

Isaac Birthday Party

Isaac will be turning 6 while we are on our trip to Disney World, so we decided to have his party before we left. This year the theme was Star Wars. We did a Jedi Training Academy. The kids came and we dressed them in their Jedi attire (cheap fabric from Walmart, no sew just cut and tie). Then as we waited for everyone to show we had them color a picture. Then we gave them their lightsabers and we had lightsaber training (my hubby showed them how to attack adn defend). Next they had to bounce a balloon on the lightsaber without letting it touch the ground. After that they used the force (we had a remote control light) this was probably the most impressive to the kids, they had no clue how they did it. Next up was the jedi obstacle course...we set up tunnels, balance beam, they had to climb over, under, through and across. Then they had to save princess Leia (pop balloons and find the one with Leia inside. After that we defeated Darth Vadar (pinata). Sang Happy Birthday, ate cake and ice cream, Drank Yoda Soda or Darth Malt, opened presents, presented the kids with a medal of honor for defeating Darth and saving the princess, gave the academy graduation certificates, fought the evil Darth Sidius. What a fun filled hour and a half with 13 little Jedi running around. Sorry for the very undetailed description, but this girl has got to pack and get ready for Disney World, we leave in less then 2 days.


Tia and Amara said...

Wow look at that cake!!! I didn't see this post earlier. Looks like one of your fantastic parties again.

Princess Gerty said...

Wow looks like the saber glows even without candles! Cool!