Sunday, February 20, 2011


On Friday we had Noah's Birthday Party. We decided on a SUPERHERO theme (by we, I mean I gave him a few suggestions and he got to pick which one he wanted). I really was trying to stay away from any specific Superhero, so coming up with a cake was tricky. I think it turned out cute, but it was a lot more then I wanted to do. Plus it was crooked...that is why I took the picture at that angle. I think the goody bags turned out cute, simple. Inside were some superhero gliders, figures and stickers all purchased from Oriental Trading. The capes, this is the whole reason I wanted to do this party...I saw a picture of a bunch of bright colored superhero capes and I wanted that. So they were super easy to make and only slightly time consuming. I kind of lost my excitement with the decorations, just some crepe paper and balloons in yellow, red and blue.

For the games we started with a game called Saving Superman. I had my older son Tanner lay on the ground with a Superman cape on. I told the kids that Superman needed our help. There was kryptonite (rocks painted green) everywhere and we need to pick it all up and put it in a lead pouch (made out of construction paper-very fancy). The kids ran through the house and picked up all the rocks.
The next game we headed to the basement for the Bat Cave. I put dark colored blankets over our pool table and hung some construction paper bats. I purchased some bat rings from OT and painted them 6 different colors. The kids would take a flash light into the cave and grab a green and red ring (or whatever colors I said).
We headed back upstairs for some Bean Bag Wham (I know my game names need some help). This was just a simple bean bag toss game. My 8 year old son needed to make a bean bag to pass off some cub scout requirements, so I put him to work. This game cost nothing to do and it was a huge hit with the kiddos.
Next we went outside for some Villian Blaster. I got silly a can of silly string (renamed and labeled Super String) from the Dollar Store for each kid. I also had 6 helium ballons with pictures of "villians" on them. The kids used the string to blast the villians. They all had fun but many of the 3-4 year olds struggled to push the sprayer.
We ended our games with the pinata.


Stacey Bacon said...

Adorable. I love your creativity and your excitement for each new theme and party. What lucky kids you have ;) When I am all grown up and wealthy I am going to hire you to plan my kids parties. You are awesome!

Amara said...

Yeah --don't ditz the game names --they're fine. I love that cake. Love it.