Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sometimes I still cater...for now

I catered a party back in January and never posted about it, but since I will be "retiring" from catering at the end of April, I thought I should post some pictures. I did this job with my friend Amara, we split it half and half. That was kinda nice, only half the work and half the stress.
Here is what we served:

Pork Medallions with Apple-Cranberry sauce (probably could have described that better if I had made it).

Tuscan rolled chicken with feta, basil, and sundried tomatos.

Roasted Potatoes

Balsamic grilled vegetables

Butterflake rolls and salad with strawberries, cashews, onion, fried wontons with a strawberry vinegrette dressing.

3 Layer Chocolate Cake

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
I don't typically make desserts myself (I buy them from people who specialize in that sort of thing), but this time since this event was for only 60 people I thought I could handle it. I made the cheesecake and Amara the chocolate cake, both were very delicious. It was a little warm in the kitchen so our whipped cream flopped a bit.
I unfortunatly didn't get a picture of any of the center pieces we made, which kinda stinks because they were lovely and I spent hours spraying curly willow branches.
Anyway...the reason I am retiring is that I have other things (4 kids, husband, church calling, etc.) that are presently ranking higher on my priority list. Maybe when the kids are older, maybe not. I am catering my mission reunion at the beginning of April and a wedding at the end and that will hopefully be it for awhile.


Kearl said...

You're retiring? I was just going to ask about your services. My sister is getting married May 20th and needs a caterer. Your stuff has always looked so good, so I was going to have you contact her. Email me if you are (or if you for sure aren't) interested. It's going to be at Noah's in Lehi for about 120 people. poo_martin@hotmail.com

Rachel said...

Y'all are so talented! Seriously, I've always thought that would be so stressful to cater. But just because you're good doesn't mean that you have to obtain ulcers and become crazy :) (Not saying you are!)

There is a time and season for everything.

Hope life is good! I still check your blog. I'm terrible at blogging and therefore am terrible at checking others blogs. Life is just busy, so that makes me a bad friend.