Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Ducky Birthday

Noah's Birthday was on Thursday. Here is a picture from that day:

We just had his ducky party and here are some pictures from that:

The Cake

Noah's Cake

The Food
Noah Playing in balloon bubbles. The older kids at the party got to play some games. Chuck a duck, Ring around the Duck and the Duck Pond.
Opening presents. Noah got lots of fun toys and clothes. His favorite toy was a stuffed monkey from Aunt Kristy. He just hugs it and loves it.
Before Cake. While we were singing Happy Birthday, Noah was so excited he kept swatting at the candle. Luckily no burns.
During cake. He did get messy, but not quite as messy as my other kids did. Noah would just poke his finger into the cake, then pull it out and lick his finger. It was very cute.

After cake Noah needed a bath.

Thanks to everyone who came. We had a lot of fun.

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Zoe said...

It was soo cute too Audrey! YOu are a great Mama to throw such a great party!