Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentines Week

Sorry I have not posted in a week. Trust me my life is not that exciting that I have to post to often. Well this is what has been going on.
* I tried a new recipe for Valentines Day. Pork Chops Marsala. Check it out here. It tasted pretty good and was easy to make. I would recommend it. Next on the list Crepes. If anyone has any suggestions or helps on that, let me know.
* We went to St. George for the holiday weekend. Parade of homes was going on, so we saw about 12 homes there (one even had a bowling alley in it). I spent a lot of time playing Ticket to Ride, Mexican Train and singing lead vocals in Rock Band. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Kevin's family.
* I have been reading The Other Bolyen Girl. I love, love the story, but unfortunatly there are a few parts that are just a bit much for me. I don't understand why people have to do that, ruin a good story with crap. (Okay it didn't ruin the story because admittedly I am still reading it, I just skip over the bad stuff.)


Andrea said...

I saw that you figured out the link thing in the previous pst but it's not working on this one. I want to see this pork marsala business

Jacobson Five said...

Sorry about that Ang. I got it working though. Thanks for the heads up.

galofab4 said...

I use Martha Stewart's recipe for crepes. She calls them Crespelle. They are very easy and we fill them with anything. I only like ice cream and hot fudge, but the rest of the family eats them for breakfast.