Monday, February 25, 2008

No TV This Week

This is what our tv will be looking like this week. No picture, so sad. Our stake/ward has challenged everyone to not watch tv for a whole week. So wish me luck. I wish I was so good as to skip the shows all together, but chances are next week I will just be watching double. Instead of watching tv we are suppose to spend more time together as a family. However my kids go to bed at 7pm and I don't typically watch tv till after then anyhow. So I can spend the time with my hubby, oh wait no I can't cause he leaves on a trip for work from Tuesday till Saturday. So Audrey will settle down with a good book and read really slowly. How fun for me.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Can you watch shows on the internet?? JK, I know that defeats the purpose! You should invent a new recipe or crotchet a blanket, or learn to digital scrapbook--give me a call, we can learn together!