Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not much going on

Here are a few pictures to describe the weekend.

I made my chocolate cheesecake. I have not been able to master the cheesecake. Although it tasted yummy, I always get cracks on the top. Nothing a little chocolate whipped cream couldn't cover up. I also added some chocolate curls and a raspberry sauce. Kevin said it was good, but rich. Just how I like it. He isn't much of a dessert guy. Crazy I know.

I also made cup cakes with the boys. They had fun decorating. Isaac keeps asking for cupcakes and then he just sits and looks at them. Too sweet, I guess he takes after his daddy.

Here are all my boys sitting around playin the Wii. We were inside a lot this weekend because poor little Noah was sick. On Saturday he had a temperature of 104.5 so I decided to take him to InstaCare. Right when I walked in the door, he decided to throw up all over me. So for the next 2 hours we waited to be seen by the doctor while I sat in my sweatshirt covered in throw up. I know, sounds like fun. But I'm a mom and that is what I do. I am just so sad for the little guy who is just laying around, miserable.

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Andrea said...

So sad, but so cute... I'll have to find my tip for no cracks on the cheesecake--not remembering right now.