Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Marianne Dashwood

Can you tell I'm taking a sick day. Find out which Jane Austen heroin you would be.

I am Marianne Dashwood!

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Sals said...

Hi Audrey...ok so now I'm the one blog stalking!!! Ha I'm totally fine with you stalking mine..I've met many a good friend in the blogging world! As for the photography thing...yeah I'm a bit obsessed - I did a bit in highschool and have always loved it but have only really started to do it seriously in the last 5 mths...there's heaps of info on the net if you're interested in getting started and you don't need some big flashy camera to get started...up until February I had a Fuji Finepix S7000 and you can get a better model of that now for about $250 Aus. so it'd be a bit cheaper in US$...still alot I know when you're on a budget but that one lasted me 5 yrs and I still love to take it out sometimes! One day when I grow up :) I want to be as good as some of these photographers I see on flickr...or as links on my blog...some of them are amazing!
oh and my friend Jeanney talked about 'Twilight' non-stop when she was now I have to read it...! I was totally cracking up at your post about going to the drs and you were just glad that they didn't say it: it's viral!! haaa it looks like drs all over the world have the same reputation!

sgwinfrey said...

Chiapelli! I always wondered what happened to you and where you ran off to! I'm so glad you found me. I love to stay in touch via bloggin. I loved looking through your blog, you've done a great job. All the pictures you took of the treats makes me want to go eat something now! I can't believe you've got 3 boys, they are just so cute. I'm sure you must feel out numbered at times. You look like you haven't changed a bit, and what are you doing on a diet, you look good girl. If I looked like you I would be eating all your good food you make everyday and not waiting until cheat day. I'll add you to my list of blogs and stop by often, you do the same. I try and update once a week but with work and baby it can be hard.

Sals said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok now I'm writing to tell you what I now know for sure from scrolling through pages of your blog (and checking my photo albums of 'wedding announcements' since it was bugging me all day...and yes your married name is JACOBSON...)until I found an actual close-up picture of you!!! I kept thinking the only Audrey I know and have known is CHIAPELLI!!! but then I wasn't sure if you were some random audrey blog stalker...remember I'd call you audrey and you'd always call me sally...well in the apartment anyway..that's why I've always remembered your first name!! :) so glad it's you...have totally wondered what happened to you..lets be friends :) haa hey have you ever heard from Hinman or Hale??? they are another two I haven't really heard from since the mission...ok well my email is so you have my contact details...and so does the rest of the world :)

Michelle Garff said...

Hey Audrey....its Michelle Garnett Garff. I found you through hyland. Love reading about your life!! Cute boys, gotta love boys - i have 3 also. email me sometime since i don't blog.

Kearl said...

So funny. I'm Elizabeth Bennet, which is good, because she's the only one that I know. I'm a little behind on my Jane Austen readings.