Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We're off to a good start

Today when I was at my Tae-bo class, Tanner came running into the room with his face all bloody. Apparently he had hit his head on a corner. It wasn't as bad as it first looked, but we got him some liquid stiches so it would stop bleeding. Wish I would have had the camera when it first happened, he looked like he had dyed his hair red.
I am typically so not good with blood, I get sick. (For example last fall when Tanner was playing soccer he got hit in the nose with the ball and got a nasty bloody nose, I could not help him. I had to turn and look away, lucky for Tanner, Kevin was there to help him.) Today, Kevin was not there, so I had to be a big girl and clean him up all by myself, and I did it and did not get sick. Way to go me.

I tried to get a picture, obviously after he was cleaned up, but because of the glare off of his shiney, blond hair, it is hard to see.


Andrea said...

Did you take him to the Dr. or did you buy the liquid bandage stuff?

You should see Evan--they can hang out!

Kelli said...

It was a pretty impressive injury. Way to be tough Tanner! And Audrey!