Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Schools Out for Summer

Both of the kids have finished school for the summer. This is Isaac with his teachers. They had a little singing program for the end of the year.
Many parents get excited about summer, "Yeah we get to spend more time with the kiddies." That is so not my attitude. I spend plenty of time with the kids, and as much as I love them...So now that school is done, I am looking for things to do with the kids to keep them entertained. When they are not entertained they start misbehaving, fighting, and driving mom crazy. So if anyone has an great ideas of summer entertainment, please let me know. Today I let the kids finger paint, thinking this would entertain them for at least an hour, no such luck, 20 minutes and they were done.

Now for the weekend wrap up. How exciting a 3 day weekend. Unfortunatly, we did nothing fun. We did get a lot of things done, which was good. We planted lots of flowers and vegetables, mowed the grass, cleaned up the garage a little more, took another trip to the dump, cleaned the house, finished hanging the sheet rock in the basement, etc. Very productive. I also got to make a cake for a friend whose son was having a golf party. I had never made a golf cake before. I got the idea from Family Fun, they had a rectangle cake, I did it round. I used green sprinkles instead of coconut for the rough. Here is a picture:

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