Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Fun

On Saturday we met some of our friends (Chris, Melia, and newlyweds Casey and Stacey) at Park City. We spent a few hours visiting with them. Unfortunatly Melia was sick, but she was a trooper. We went and did the Alpine Slides and Coaster. It was fun. With the slide you take a relaxing lift ride up the mountain, and then ride in a sled thing down a track. I am a total chicken when it comes to "scary" things, so I was nervous, but with no reason. It is so not scarey, but it was fun. The coaster was even more fun. You get pulled up the mountain (along a track) in a cart. Once you start going down the hill the cart gets going pretty fast, at times it felt that your little cart would fall off the track. The rides are a bit pricey but we had a great time, so it was worth it.

We also have made a lot of progress on the basement. We are done painting, and carpet should be installed Tuesday or Wednesday. I am very excited for the basement to be done and the layer of dust in the rest of the house to go away. It's going to be a good week.


Kearl said...

So, I'm finally catching up on reading everyone's blogs since my trip, so I want to comment on a few of your posts at once. 1. Tell me about Body for Life. I'm dying to lose some of the baby weight that is trying to become a permanent part of my thighs. 2. That cake was amazing. you are so good at making things. 3. Is it the town just north of you that had the carnival (S) or further (P). I love taking the kids to little things like that. And I want to know for next year. Good luck with your basement. You can answer my random questions in an email if you want. You have it right?

Barnecked Lady said...

I love the alpine slide. We went every summer for years when I was younger. Good times....good times!

kendall said...

I'm so jealous and wish we were there to go out with you all.

J.J. said...

Sounds like a fun trip with your friends, I love going there and it is so beautiful.
Wow you guys are going really fast on your basement, it took us forever! That was the worse part always having dust in your house from all the work in the basement, but soon it will be over. How fun for you and your family.
See you on Sunday.