Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where the heck is Wade?

I am a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, but I am a bit disappointed that there have been no Wade Robson routines (except the group number). Him and Shane Sparks were my favorite choreographers from last year and now it seems as if they are not a regular part of the show. Someone please tell me that you know something different, because without Wade's routines the show is just not the same.


Andrea said...

It's only the second episode!! I'm sure you'll get your Wade fix soon!!

Unless of course, he's dating or related to or a teacher of one of the contestants...

Aaron and Ali said...

IDK!!! I want to know too! Maybe it is what Andrea said...he has so tie to one of the current contestants.

Kikibug said...

I LOOOOOVVVEEE that show too. I am such a nerd I record them and watch them at least twice.. and I even watched last season over again a few months ago. I am SOOOOO addicted!
I also love his routines. But I like Mia's too. I like most of shanes, some of his are too much, but I LOVED the one he did for the results show... it was AWESOME!

Regarding Yellowstone:
My advice: don't take kids. Just kidding. Well, I will never again unless they are 7 and older. But I am THE MOST HIGH STRUNG MOM! You are way more chilled I am sure.
Make sure you see the Lake and walk the beach, rent a boat and go on the lake, they are relatively cheap. We didn't get off the main road due to our nutsy girl, but I would recommend taking lots of trails, staying for more than 5 days to see everything and it is good that you are camping. I feel we missed a lot staying at the hotels. Go to the northern part,(Rosevelt??) we only drove through really fast, but it looked AMAZING. Make sure you see the Little Grand Canyon, it is AMAZING! Have FUN! and GOOD LUCK!