Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rock Band Weekend

On Wednesday we finally got Rock Band. Kevin decided we "needed" a Playstation 3 because of the Blue Ray DVD player, and so since we were getting Playstation then of course we needed to get Rock Band. We have had a lot of fun playing and our little 6 year old is becoming quite the drummer. On Thursday we were "rocking" and my friend came over to do a bid for our basement and he had to call us when he got to the door because we could not hear the doorbell. Sorry about that Byron.

We had friends over both Friday and Saturday night to play and had a great time. Tanner got a little crush on ours friends 11 year old daughter, she was really good at the drums and he thought that was so cool. So anyway, we had tons of fun rocking and if anyone else would like to join us for a night of Rock Band, let us know, we are always looking for people to come join the fun.

On Saturday, I tried a new recipe. Cheesecake Factory Oreo Cheesecake. Again, I found it on Here it is if you care. I have been wanting to try out my new mini springform pans, so I did. Since I only have 4 of the pans, I also made a 7 inch cheeesecake as well. In the recipe it says to wait 24 hours to eat it,( honestly who can save a cheesecake in their fridge without eating it for 24 hours) I did not have that long, but it still tasted good enough for me. I did eat another piece today and it was a bit better, so maybe it is good to wait the 24 hours. I am not a huge Oreo cheesecake fan, I totally prefer chocolate, strawberry, or pumpkin, but cheesecake however; anyway you slice it is a favorite of mine. So if you like Oreo cheesecake, give this a try, it was easy to make.


Galo Fab 5 said...

I take it your Body For Life era is over? One day we will get over there to play Rock Band. :)

J.J. said...

I have never played Rock Band, but it seems like a big hit. We have the Wii and rock band is coming out soon for the wii, can't wait.

Rob said...

Sign me up for an evening of rock-band this July.