Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

and Audrey's getting fat. Seriously, but that is not what I'm blogging about. Just wanted to update on what has been going on with us. Obviously getting ready for Christmas is time consuming.
Thanks to my wonderful big sis (she is a digital master) , we got our Christmas cards sent out. For those of you who are not on the card list, sorry, it is only that I do not have your address or you are my neighbors. I will post the card on my blog, promise.
Last Saturday, I spent my day making white chocolate popcorn for neighbor gifts. I sure do love my neighbors. The boys had fun helping deliver. It snowed that day, so they got in their snow suits and had a good old time.
Today, I officially finished my Christmas shopping. Not only that, I have wrapped all the presents as well. YEAH.
I got Christmas packages all sent out in the mail for those who do not live close by.
For family home evening this week we made our traditional ginger bread house, yes it is the kit from Walmart, but it is so much easier that way. This is always fun for the kids.

Yesterday Isaac had his preschool Christmas program. It was cute to see the kids up front singing all the songs that they had worked so hard to learn. What wasn't cute was that Isaac was being a goof ball the whole time and not really singing, o-well, we are not a singing family, so I can not blame him.

Yesterday was also the ward Christmas party, so the days leading up to that were pretty much spent getting ready for that. I decided to go with the story book theme. We had a very small budget this year so we had ward members sign up to bring soups and pies. We supplied ceasar and spinach salad, apple slices with dip, pumpkin bread (I made 12 loaves), garlic-cheese bread sticks, white and wheat dinner rolls and ice cream for the pie. I think it turned out really nice. I wish I would not have been so busy so that I could have actually taken some pictures. We had people sign up to decorate tables based on their favorite Christmas books, some of the tables were really creative and cute. For the rest of the decorations, we wrapped lots of big boxes to look like Christmas present and I made "books" out of poster board. The primary did a cute little program, it was so organized and the kids all behaved and it turned out really cute. I was able to take a picture just as they finished and all the kids started standing up (like I said I was busy). We also had some crafts for the kids and the bishop read Christmas stories to some of the kids. Unfortunatly we were unable to get Santa to make an appearance (trust me I tried), but still... I think we had about 240 people show up. This morning Tanner came into my room to tell me how much fun he had at the Christmas party, then he asked me if I had fun. uhhh, it is not my job to have fun, my calling is to make sure that everyone else has fun. Hopefully they did. Thanks to everyone who helped, you were great.

Like I said, I was busy and did not get to take many pictures, these are the only 2 I took and they are not that great.
In non-realted Christmas news, in all 3 of my previous pregnancies I have failed the glucose test and always had to take the yucky 3 hour test. With Noah I even got put on the diabetes diet and had to test my blood sugar 3 times a day. Not fun. Well the time came to take the test this pregnancy and I convinced my doctor to let me take the 3 hour test from the get go, it was inevitable in my mind (and in theirs). So Monday I spent a chunk of my day hanging out in the doctors office gettitng blood drawn every hour, FUN. The next day they called to say that my blood sugar was perfectly normal. I actually would have passed the one hour test this time, but alas, no diet for me, so I am HAPPY.
Still to come this holiday season: Christmas Cookies, spending time with family, eating yummy food and treats.


Andrea said...

What an awesome Christmas card!!

Enjoy your holidays and get off your feet, won't ya!

Angel said...

I am sooooo happy to hear that you passed your glucose tolerence test!!! It may be just the difference of carrying a girl instead of another boy. Who knows why these things work for us sometimes and against us at others. You still have to take care of yourself regardless, so listen to what your big sister said, and get off your feet!