Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chocolate Rolo Cookies

This is my favorite cookie. A gal in at my church makes them often and I tend to eat too many everytime. SO for my first cheat day on my new diet, I decided it would be a perfect time to make these cookies myself. They were super easy to make and they are delicious. Here is the recipe:

1 box Devil's Food Cake Mix
2 Eggs
1/3 Cup Oil
1 Package of Rolos candies

Mix the first 3 ingredients together and then roll them into balls with 1 Rolo inside each ball. Bake at 350 for 9 minutes. The smaller the cookie the better they taste.


Andrea said...

They look yummy! How many did you have?

Jacobson Five said...

Only three so far, but you better believe that by the end of the night I will be sitting on the couch with a glass of milk and two more of those bad boys.

Kelli said...

you better have a little zip lock baggie in your freezer with 2 of those bad boys in it for me for next Saturday for breakfast.
I have consumer less than 400 calories today. Thank you stomach flu (or should I say Audrey). Maybe I'll see you tomorrow and maybe I won't.

Kelli said...

by the way, who is the gal who makes them at church. I will put in a request for her to by my VT.

Jacobson Five said...

In my defense Kelli, I was never around you when I had the stomach flu. I didn't see you till 2 days later. But honestly, I hope that it was not my fault.
Gayle makes the cookies. And you better believe 2 will be waiting in the freezer for you.
Hope your feeling better.

Jen said...

Those look so yummy, I'll have to try them.

Galo Fab 5 said...

Jared said the only problem with them is that you didn't give us enough. :) They were delicious! I have to admit though, I was dreaming about what the dough tasted like. And since you posted the recipe, I will soon find out.