Monday, March 24, 2008

Looks Comfy

The night before we left for St. George, we went into the kids bedrooms to check on them as we always do. We went into Isaac's room and he was not on his bed. No biggie, he goes in our room to sleep sometimes, nope not there either. We notice the light is on in the toilet/tub area of their bathroom. We go to open the door and it won't open, something is in front of the door. Yes, that something was Isaac. Totally asleep on the bathroom floor, with pillows and blankets. So I carefully tried to squeeze myself through the door to get him (and of course take some pictures). The next morning I asked him why he wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor. (In my mind I'm thinking he would respond by saying "My tummy hurt" or something along those lines.) "It was light in there." Interesting. He slept by the toilet because he wanted the light on. Maybe we need to get him a night light.


Jen said...

That's so funny that he fell a sleep in the bathroom. Kids do funny things.

Chinchillerie said...

As a child I slept in a closet alot, it was adventurous! You might end up spending money on a night light and finding him in the bathroom again anyways! I will reiterate kids are weird and do funny things.