Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Guitar Hero

Yesterday Mr. UPS delivered our Guitar Hero. Very exciting. I spent the next few (1 1/2 ) hours practicing. Then we headed out to Kevin's brothers for family night and hours of Rock Band (yes, we are obsessed and addicted). It was lots of fun and because of my Guitar Hero practicing I was able to play bass guitar and not just sing the whole time. Good times. Unfortunatly, they do not make Rock Band for the Wii, hopefully someday.


Jen said...

hey got your message, I was out of town, we really need to get together. I wish we had the band, I've heard it is really fun.

Tara said...

You guys are total lunatics! We wish we just had the wii - you have the wii and GUITAR HERO!!! JEALOUS!

Zoe said...

Hey Audrey! How is the band doing? How are your "skills" comin' along?! :) We definitely need to have you guys over again. I felt so bad that I began to drop off towards the end. Turns out I had/have the flu and a terrible sinus infection. I have been in bed ALL week! I hope that none of you got sick. So, next time I will bring my A-game for sure . . . I will even stand like you!! :)