Monday, April 21, 2008

Cheesecake Bites

I know it's not cheat day, but....No it took a lot of self restraint not to eat a bunch of these. I had to make dinner for a family and these are something that I have wanted to try, so I did and I tasted one (or two) to make sure they were okay to give away. The rest are in the freezer awaiting cheat day.

I used this recipe as the cheesecake base, but obviously I did not make this in a springform pan, so we had to improvise a bit. You will need to double the crust, because 1 cheesecake recipe will make about 100 little bite size bad boys. I used mini muffin pans, which I sprayed with PAM. I put about 3/4 tsp. of crust mixture in the bottom of the muffin pans and packed that down. I baked just the crust in the oven at 350 for about 5 minutes. Then I filled each muffin cup about 3/4 of the way full with the cheesecake base. Then baked them for 15 minutes at 350. Let them sit until cooled, then carefully run a knife around the edges, and then tip the pan over and they should just fall out. For presentation purposes I put each one in a gold foil candy cup (not really sure there official name). Half I topped with lime curd and a thin slice of a key lime and the others I just drizzled with fudge and carmel. Simple and relatively easy to make.


Andrea said...

They look great--how did they taste and really, how many did you eat?? I'd have definetly eaten more than two!

Kelli said...

FYI, Friday is my cheat day (but I could always cheat any day if I'm tempted enough!!)

J.J. said...

Oh those look so yummy. Will you cook for me?
Gosh Audrey, you are always cooking up something, I'm sure your husband and kids love what you make for them. Your such a good wife and mom.

Kevin said...

The cheesecake bites were a hit at work, and, surprisingly enough, I thought they were quite tasty. Almost as good as double fudge brownie bites. But, alas, I am a traditionalist when it comes to desserts.